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Corporate Training and development Essay Sample

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Corporate Training and development Essay Sample

Case 1: “Trustmark’s Leadership Development Program”, p. 409

1. What development activities are used in this program? Why are they important? Developmental activities used in this program are 360-degree feedback, one-on-one coaching, and an improvement plan. 360-degree feedback is a performance appraisal system for managers that include evaluations from the program. The evaluation process includes self-evaluations as well as evaluations from others. With one-on-one coaching managers or peers work with employees to motivate and provide reinforcement and feedback. Improvement plans focus on the employee’s skills, knowledge, and behavior and how to enhance them to better meet the job requirements and changes over time.

2. What data or outcomes should be collected to monitor the effectiveness of the leadership development program? Explain the business reason for your choice or outcomes or data. The goal of the leadership development program was to create a culture where all employees felt they could challenge the status quo and seek new opportunities. It is imperative that leaders encourage these actions for employees to be successful. Outcomes to check would be if the participants who attended the class are inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and do the same, and encourage with heart. It is also important to judge effectiveness by following up with attendees and ensuring they felt they had a successful program. Observation from managers or pre/post-program surveys would both be sufficient methods to collect data and outcomes.

Case 2: “Successful Management Requires International Experience”, p.460

1. What steps should P & G take to prepare employees for international assignments to help them succeed?
The main goal of an employee who receives an international assignment is to find and develop local talent to replace themselves. Also, having future managers and employees go to locations similar to the location they will be at permanently helps them understand the market and provides them with experience and knowledge to be successful. Cross-cultural preparation should be done in both cases to allow the employees to become familiar with the business practices and cultural norms of different countries.

2. Should P & G also include spouses and family members in preparation for international assignments? Why or why not?
Yes, family should be included in preparation for international assignments. To avoid a failed foreign assignment where the employee returns home before the assignment is complete, they will need the support of their families. The comfort of an expatriates spouse and family weighs greatly on the chance of an assignment being completed or failing. If the family plans to go abroad with the employee it is important they also become familiar with the new country and different cultural norms. If they plan to stay home it is important they support and understand the overseas mission.

Source: Noe, Raymond A. Employee Training and Development. 6th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013. Print.

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