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Corruption Outline Essay Sample

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Corruption Outline Essay Sample

Visual Aids: Q&A with the audience, Power point for examples of the effects of corruption. Theme: THINK BIG, START SMALL. (In a corrupted Nation, One NO can make a difference) Objective action: To say “CORRUPTION ISN’T AN OPTION. Turn 180 degrees NO TO IT. “ Intro: Corruption: widely known as a sickness in society. (Research on why?) Why Brgy. Kagawad as a TA? (nga naman? Related to the Theme) It always starts within us. In your position what do you think you could do? We believe that everyone is vital to the progress of our Country. Our Body is composed of cells, in the same way the Philippine body is composed of different barangays. Actually, our bodies really have cancer cells if not prevented or if we’re not that cautious enough, it can destroy our body. Corruption does exist as well if we don’t do something about it, it will lead to the destruction of the Philippines (Statistics-by 2020… 2030…worst conditions)

Common effects of corruption- thru showing of video clips (short lang) What would happen if the TA would say NO to corruption? –another video clip (short met)

Good effects to them:
1. As an individual-you have your personal aspirations in life, to have a house, car, land etc. I’m sure you would want to get them in a proper way, with a clean conscience. 2. In their families- as a father or as a soon to be, surely you would want a good future for your children. In other countries they have benefits; one of them is free education. Do you believe that it could happen also in the Philippines? Yes. The solution, turn 180 degrees no to Corruption. 3. In the whole Philippines- (research)

Conclusion: wrapping up the 3 key points…
Just imagine the Philippines without any sickness. A Healthy 1 st World country.

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