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Should a country allow all of its citizens to possess guns Essay Sample

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Should a country allow all of its citizens to possess guns Essay Sample

Recently a Korean student Cho Seung-Hui fired indiscriminately inside Virginia Tech University, USA that slaughtered 33 students, leaving 29 critically injured. Similarly, in 2005 a callous Royal Nepalese Army opened random bullets at a shrine in Nagarkot, Nepal that abrogated the lives of 13 villagers, injuring many others. To the similar contrary, Mr. Mick residing at the frontier region in the US uses his guns for hunting that is the basis of his survival. These three examples strike my mind as I think about the contemporary situation of the world under duress to provide the right to every citizen to possess guns, however limiting certain aspects.-105

When much lonely and obnoxious Cho reached college level, he wrote poems and plays-totally subjected with death and molestation- which made many students to abandon classes and even frightened English teacher. At a time when he told his roommate about suicidal feelings, he was taken to a mental health system and the judge had ordered him as “an imminent danger to self or others as a result of mental illness”. Consequently, on April16, 2007 he resulted college genocide terming it as an act of an avenging angel against ‘Christian Criminals’.-85

Example of Cho indicates ultimate truism that guns do not kill mass of people; it is people’s cynical attitude that kills them. People planted in with evil seeds continue the similar acts until they get rid of such thinking. Also it is likely that the zealot criminals and murderers can easily manage guns through illegal sources since absolute control of guns is impossible. Again, it is not obligatory that they need guns if they are entitled to kill people. They can do it through sickles, bricks, stones, rods and almost everything as murder is easy for the committed murderers. So, how good is it for the government to ostracize all these things in the name of controlling crimes or is it that it needs to be focused in developing positive attitude of its people?-130

Individual security is the top concern of every country in the world. People in many countries restricted from enjoying the rights to bear arms find no alternative when their family members’ lives are at risk. Indeed, they are abused and tortured when they are defenseless. What should people do when their houses are robbed and their daughters and sisters are raped in front of their own eyes by the criminals, letting them in no position to defend? Can the national security system always guarantee individual’s security? If not, then don’t the citizens need to defend themselves in crisis maintaining their own security?-99

Guns are most for the citizens to skirmish against brutality, public genocides and unnecessary oppressions of the mobs. When the weapons are centered to just security personnel and the illegal sources there is possibility that their misuse can kill a mammoth number of gunless people. As in the 2nd example above, if people possessed guns, there would be no chance for the security personnel to kill such a huge number of civilians. On the other side, gunless people can be mistreated and abused by the rich, landlords and people at power. Even the country’s governance can fall in the wrong hand usually foreigners’ palm when people are weaponless.-112

Guns are the basis to live to many people. Many people in the world especially the Americans at the frontiers rely on hunting for survival. Likewise, shooting is taken as an important international game. So, people involved in the game might have devoted their life to the game. They want such sports to be encouraged since they are a great source of entertainment. So, if guns are not available to them how can the shooting game exist and the hunters live?-83

However, it is most that certain aspects need to be strictly taken in mind before making people bear guns. Semiautomatic guns as used by Cho which are common in US, other dangerous guns that can kill vast number of people within an instant need not to be in people’s hands. Guns possessed by the public must be properly registered under government. Concomitantly, illegal possession of guns needs to be strictly checked. Gun prohibited areas such as schools and hospitals need to have state of the art checking system. Then only the dream of people to bear guns can come true within peaceful grounds.-102

It is not fair to decide the national matters just considering hyperbole of negative consequences or misinterpretations of the positive outcomes. Crimes do not increase because of abundance of guns rather it is the result of growing negative attitude due to social disorders. Equipping citizens with guns is the only alternative in guarantying individual security. Thus, instead of denouncing such a huge mass to bear guns, strict laws should be enforced for controlling misuses and allowing fearful people to work in peace through the availability of guns.-89

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