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Poverty is lack of basic human needs like health, education, clean water, nutrition etc. It is a condition in which one income is not sufficient enough to fulfill his basic needs. It is curse and something like nobody would want to own. In Pakistan it is not a yesterday born issue, it is eating up Pakistan and now it has spread out its circle to a larger radius now. Historically it began just with independence because of lack of proper resources at that time. In 1980 there was a slight decline in its level but the level again risen up after 1990 and till now it is rising with fluctuation of time. Currently about 35% of Pakistan population lives below the line of poverty. Mostly people of rural areas live below the line of poverty and two third of our population live in rural areas. Scenario is also not different in urban areas where 40% population of urban area live below the line of poverty. Currently poverty is the cause behind many critical problems in Pakistan on one hand but it is also outcome of many other problems. There are a lot of reasons behind poverty.

Mostly people blame politics and politicians as one of the reason for prevailing poverty. Some call it lack of good leadership, some call it bad government policies and some call it bad politics but they all are same in one. Politicians are some time not sincere for eradication of poverty and some do not have proper plan for its solution. The policies adopted by different government only cause a little fluctuation in level of poverty but the condition of people remains same every time. Bad governance also relates corruption with poverty. Corruption has totally engulfed every office of Pakistan it now not considered as a sin but as right. It has griped the country from highest level to lowest level so that leads to weak economy and ultimately to poverty. Bad law and order is another situation for which government can be blamed as it is also cause of poverty. Law and order situation is getting worse because government doesn’t seems to be qualified to solve this issue. Law and order and protests is affecting the business directly because businessmen do not feel safe to carry out their business and the economy gets weak and poverty gets stronger. War against terror is provoking safety issues in Pakistan and poverty is proportional to safety issues naturally. Lack of standard education causes poverty because education make people aware of every thing which could be used efficiently with education.

People here in Pakistan don’t have good business knowledge and they don’t know which business could lead to greater income for them so lack of education is also the leading cause poverty in Pakistan. Fluctuated foreign investments also increasing poverty level in Pakistan, people invest a lot in Pakistani markets and economy flows with it but when they get their investments out of Pakistan the economy suffers and so do people of Pakistan in the form of poverty. Pakistan trend of increasing imports strategy is also worth mentioning here because she imports a lot of products which costs a lot even those products which can be produced with a little planning are imported from other countries on high prices.It certainly cause inflation and poverty.As government is behind most of these problems privatization is an problem which causes poverty. Government is not qualified to tackle the administration of the major institutions of the country so the only solution which comes to its mind is privatization.

When these institutions are run by private sector the economy gets weaker day by day like PIA and railways seems to be privatized and they are partially privatized. Other things related to poverty are our bad morality, sense of responsibility and social bonding. Pakistan moral culture is getting worse day by day, people in Pakistan are not sincere for eradication of poverty. People here don’t feel bad about being corrupt, they don’t feel bad when public property is destroyed or when some one is a threat to country’s economy. Social bonding is weak in Pakistan they really don’t care for others problems and issues, all they care about is their own selves they are not honest. They don’t help poor and they don’t pay taxes so people themselves are also responsible for rising poverty level. Poverty is obviously not a good thing it’s a sin. It is the root cause of many problems like diseases, frustration, hatred, bad law and order, illiteracy and many more. A poor country like Pakistan has not enough resources to provide proper health standards to its people, peripheries are more worth mentioning about health and education issue. First of all the fund allotted by the government is not enough to reach standard of good health and lack of education is also the reason people know less about health issues.

Education standard is very poor in Pakistan due to poverty, people cant afford here to have good education only the elite class here has the access to good education. As education is the solution for many problems of a country poverty is the hindrance that comes in its way. This blend of health and education issues further give birth to many problems at the rate of tenth of a power as we use in mathematics. Besides causing social problems in Pakistan poverty is also affects the country as a whole politically and diplomatically. Pakistan has lost it respect on international level due to poor economy, bad law and order situation and for tag of terrorism.Every year Pakistan has to get millions of loans from IMF and Unite States on reckless conditions not in the favor of country. People of Pakistan are not seen with respectable eyes internationally. Pakistan has stepped into a war against terrorism because of poverty as one of its main reason. She lends money from US in return for cooperation in a war which is not exactly its own war.

Shortly it can be concluded that poverty has totally engulfed Pakistan in its mouth where the escape is difficult but not impossible. There are still many ways to get Pakistan out of this disaster. Leadership has got central importance here, with proper planning and good government policies the problem can be solved. All they need to do is to appoint competent and wall qualified economists to help them tackle this issue and obviously their sincerity for its solution can not be ignored as well.A country econmy is the backbone of its country with its solution when it is soved many problems will automatically.Alone leadership is not enough for its solution.People of Pakstan have too got responsibility with equal share.People needs to cooperate fully with government and should be sincere with their own country and put all their energies for eradication of poverty.

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