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Country Road originated in Australia in1974 which started as a women’s shirting business but soon became known as Australia’s first lifestyle fashion brand. Country Road incorporated into their collections stylish high-quality apparel, accessories and home wares. Throughout the 80’s Country Road entered the American and Asian markets and enormous growth throughout Australia. In 1998 a South African company Woolworth Holdings Ltd became the controlling interest in the business and restructured it from the bottom up, which started with a bold new vision for the brand. 2004 saw Country Road re-launched once more into the fashion industry displaying a more modern identity after the business regained control of the brand and tried to re-connect with a younger, more fashionable audience.

Since this time stores in Australia and New Zealand have grown rapidly. On stopping of their wholesale division Country Road entered into Australia’s 2 major department stores in David Jones and Myer. At the same time childrenswear and babywear got introduced. In 2008-09 Country Road expanded to South Africa and in turn launched a second brand Trenery. Country road now has more than 80 retail stores worldwide and over 100 concession stores (Myer / David Jones) and employs in excess of 3500 employees in Australia and New Zealand alone. Country Road prides itself on being a market leader in the fashion industry and has done now for 40 years.

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