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My head is spinning wild, I cannot control this dark shadow revolving in my head. All I see is the permanent bloodstain on my hands. Macbeth, oh Macbeth, the emotions of regret are creeping up to me. I cannot have a peaceful sleep, and I now truly understand the burden of keeping a deadly secret. I dream of only the bloodstains smeared on your robes. I dream of only the faces of horror when the kinsmen learn of the death of Duncan. I know that war is happening at this very moment, and all your men have turned against you. Outside is a world of chaos. A world I cannot dream to live. I also regret that I have failed to serve you as a woman, as your wife, to bear you children. Instead I urge you and teach you to perform murder which has led to this disastrous outcome. Just last night, I read the note written by the doctor, and I have come to realize that I have illusions while sleep walking. Dreaming of what I most detest- the bright red stains that can never be washed away from my hands. Not even the oceans can rid of this guilt laid heavily on my shoulders. Furthermore, I was sleep talking, spilling all my darkest secrets out into the open.

The doctor’s pure ears had heard my sinful deeds, and that mouth of his’ will spread the word like wildfire. And soon, the whole of Scotland would know how I, Lady Macbeth, talked my husband, the Thane of Cawdor in killing the King. As of now, I am as good as dead. I can only think of death and death itself. Oh the joys of escaping this world, into a place free from worries and pain. My dearest Macbeth, I am truly sorry to have brought you into this mess, and in the end you are left with a ruined kingdom all because of my selfish greed. Please forgive me just once more, as I leave this earth and free myself from Scotland. I would rather die by my own hands than to die at an enemy’s hands. I know death is near for the Macbeths, as death consumes us all in the end. May this Holy blade I hold end my pain once and for all.

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