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Creative Writing Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The Explorative Phase:

Our aim for this workshop was to thoroughly explore the theme of conflict we did this by using many explorative devises which I will talk about in further details as I progress through the essay. Conflict was not an easy theme for me to tackle as I believe that to produce a realistic piece of drama you have to show your subject matter from as many different angles as possible, and throughout the workshop I tried my best to follow this through.

Rosa Parks.

To start this stage of the workshop we were played a truly inspirational song called Sister Rosa from the album Yellow Moon by The Neville Brothers; below are the lyrics:

December 1, 1955, our freedom movement came alive. And because of Sister Rosa you know, we don’t ride on the back of the bus no more.

Sister Rosa Parks was tired one day

after a hard day on her job.

When all she wanted was a well deserved rest

Not a scene from an angry mob.

A bus driver said, “Lady, you got to get up

cuz a white person wants that seat.”

But Miss Rosa said, “No, not no more.

I’m gonna sit here and rest my feet.”


Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark,

You started our freedom movement

Thank you Sister Rosa Parks.

Thank you Miss Rosa you are the spark,

You started our freedom movement

Thank you Sister Rosa Parks.

Now, the police came without fail

And took Sister Rosa off to jail.

And 14 dollars was her fine,

Brother Martin Luther King

knew it was our time.

The people of Montgomery sit down to talk

It was decided all gods children should walk

Until segregation was brought to its knees

And we obtain freedom and equality, yeah


So we dedicate this song to thee

for being the symbol of our dignity.

Thank Sister Rosa Parks.


We’ll sing it again

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark,

You started our freedom movement

Thank you Sister Rosa Parks.

Our first task was to construct a set of 3 still images with thought tracking. inspired by the song and our previous knowledge on the matter. We chose the subject of white people forcing black people to step of the curb in order to make way for the ‘superior’ white people. I found it very hard to try and express what was going through my characters head without talking.

My group

* Charlotte (me) playing a black person

* Eva also playing a black person

* Amber White person

* Lauren White person

Still image

1. The first still image was to show the attitude of the white people towards black people. You see the black people standing on the raised level oblivious that the white people were walking along the pavement behind them. The white people are glaring at the innocent black people in disgust.

Amber: ‘for gods sakes the streets are full of them’

Lauren ‘ I know they better move or I shall be having words’

We did this to show that without even knowing any details other than their appearance a black person is automatically degraded to being inferior to the white people.

2. The second still image was to show how black people almos

t bowed down the ‘fact’ they were inferior without even questioning the morels behind it

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but then you look into the mind of the person and see they are questioning it, but despite the questioning accepting it was what had to be done. This showed that despite the willing and almost subjective exterior the reality of what was going on in their minds was totally the opposite.

Eva ‘this is an outrage, how much longer can people turn a blind eye?’

Me ‘ I don’t want to cause any trouble, well not today.’

3. This freeze frame was basically to portray the defeat of white over black and but you also see a element of guilt as you see Lauren trying to reach out to the black person but not quite being able to reach far enough to help.

Lauren ‘how can I strive to be right when even then I’m wrong?’

Amber ‘they are where they deserve to be; in the gutter’

4. This still image shows the black people on the ground this signifies them being pushed further that necessary not as individuals but as a race. It shows it has been taken one step to far.

Eva & me ‘Why?’

Roll play

* Me

* Luke

* Kieran

* Joey

* Elspeth

For this we did the famous scene on the bus involving Rosa Parks. We chose to use ‘mark the moment’ we used this as the climax as the piece to so the utter awe of the passengers around her, half admiration half horror. To emphasise the different views on the matter we used a soundscape of thoughts finishing with Rosa shouting ‘I WILL NOT MOVE!’.

I think it’s amazing that one average but at the same time brave, inspiring and strong minded woman can lead to a whole freedom movement throughout the world and put an end to many prejudice views.


World war one itself caused much conflict. But a majority of it happened away from the front line, in everyday life. We were asked to construct a still image inspired by the ‘we need YOU’ poster. I believe out still image successfully showed the strain the war put on everyday life you see the men eager so sign up and their wife’s, mothers sisters friends and lovers with their heads buried in their hands knowing they may never see their loved ones again.

Role play

We then produces a role-play using cross cutting and narration to explore the contrast between the perception of the war amongst the people in Britain and the reality of in in the trenches.

Throughout the roll play there was dramatic irony, the audience could see both sides of the story. The most prominent scene is the one I have pictured above. You see the family of a soldier sitting around a table discussing what to have for tea.

Person 1. ‘Mummy what’s for tea?

Person 2. ‘Sheppard’s pie darling’

Person 3. ‘That’s daddy’s favourite!’

Person 1. When will daddy be home? I miss him’

Person 2. We all do darling, hopefully by Christmas.

Person 3. Then we can all be a family again.

But at the same time below the table you see a pair of soldiers before the conversation starts one of the men who is supposed to be the father shouts


And during the perfectly normal conversation being held at the table you see their father dieing a painful death on the floor. I believe this scene successfully shows the contrast in the optimism being held in Britain compared to the tragedy happening on the front line. Amongst our group we also tried forum theatre to try and improve upon it and I believe it helped our ideas grow.

The man who married his hat tree

Unlike the other 2 subjects this one was more abstract and focussed more on personal and internal conflict; we focussed on the perceptions of fantasy and reality in the mind of a mentally unstable person, trying to show where the delusion lies. We used many devises in this piece of drama but the one that was most useful was thought tracking as it showed the alternative view that the main role took, it also showed other peoples views on him. We also used a 2 parallel freeze frames one showing what he is seeing and one showing him what people around him see, It was almost like a mirror effect.

We used narration to add interest and variety to the piece . We regularly crossed cutted across from one to the other which made the audience unsure whether the doctor or the patient was delusional. My group also tried hot seating but it didn’t work as we weren’t given a clear enough insight into the characters mind to be able to answer questions in the same way he would so we chose to leave this out.

Family Conflict

For this area of the workshop we focussed on Romeo and Juliet. We had one reader reading out the narration at the beginning of the play and the rest of our group devised freeze frames to go with what the other person was reading. The freeze frames could also be looked upon as chorus as all the people moved together acting out what was being said. We then went on and performed a fighting scene to show the conflict and ended the piece by marking the moment.

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