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As it sat there parked, the shiny new car – sparkling body – fresh crisp interior. An expensive and luxurious car (it would you make any man envious) parked in the driveway with the sun glinting off its red luscious shell. As the man stood there with a hose, bucket and sponge he wiped the sponge over the cars executive emblem which read ‘Ferrari’. A man walked past admiring the car he stopped, ‘what kind of job do you have!?!’ he chuckled ”cos I got to get me one of those’, the man washing the car grinned to himself as the man strolled off, he stopped for a moment and admired his car and looked at it from the end to the front as the soapy suds slowly slid down the sides, he thought to himself ‘wow I’m lucky’, he hosed down his car, put the sponge in the bucket and walked back into his house.

His house – towering over the trees – stood there gleaming white with its blue shutters and doors, he opened his front door and looked at all the exquisite painting and exotic shrubbery in his foyer in which stood a grand marble staircase.

The man lived in very wealthy suburb and his house was opposite a large church and steeple which dominated the whole of the suburb. This very ordinary looking suburb housed many rich and bad men; they all had their little secrets, and some of them were into things they shouldn’t be – very dark and disgusting scenes. This one man who lived in his big white house with his flashy red Ferrari was into particular trouble with some very bad people who he owed money to.

One gorgeous sunny day when the sun was shining what seemed to be its brightest and hottest all year the man was awoken from three big bangs on his front door which followed by a sound of a car screeching off from outside his house, as he walked down his staircase he had noticed there had been a large brown blank envelope slid under his door, he bent down to pick it up when he opened it up he was shock to find a lot of pictures of him around his house and in his garden which was followed by a large note which read ‘don’t think we’ve forgotten about you… you have three days to get us the rest of our money’, the man looked up from the envelope and walked out and stood on his door step and stared out onto the street – his face as pale as the white pillars in which he stood by.

He panicked and ran back into his house, slammed the door and then ran into his office, what he was looking for were the documents in which they stated the money he had borrowed, his office as cluttered as his thoughts at this moment, there were papers and files stacked up everywhere, he was rushing through them at some pace just throwing and shoving stacks around the room, he stopped for a moment and walked over to the wall and rested against it and then fell to the floor with his head in his hands in which he started to sob, suddenly he stopped and look up with a look of hope on his face, he stood up and rushed out of his office and then ran into his bedroom, he jumped up onto his large double bed in which a grand painting sat above, he picked the painting up off its small hook and what was being hidden behind it was the mans safe and what he had stashed in there was an assortment of things which included certain possessions like old bank details, small rolls of money but none of this he was paying attention to as he ruffled through the few pieces of paper

‘Oh thank god’ he cried, he took out a sheet of paper and turned round staring at it, he sat down on his bed closely examining the words and numbers that were printed on it, his eyes quickly flicking left to right down the page were looking for a certain of information, he got to the bottom of the page in which the sum of money he owed was his eyes widened, the piece of paper slowly fell to the floor at the bottom of the page it stated a sum of ten million dollars, he then cringed and he started to sob again ‘oh I don’t have that kind of money anymore’, he stood up and slowly walked out of the room with a look of fear and confusion upon his face with hundreds of thoughts running through his head, he rested his hand on the hand rail of the stairs and walked down stairs and out through the door, he headed straight for the garage and got into a black sedan and drove straight out of his drive way and down the street forgetting to even shut the garage and lock up his house.

Later that night a tall man dressed from head to toe in black walked up the mans drive way, the man was not yet home yet his house was pitch black and there was a slight whistle of wind inside the house from where he had left the door ajar, the tall dark man reached for the door handle with his leather glove covered hand and cautiously opened the door, he walked in and closed the door behind him. A few moments later headlights turned into the driveway and lit up the whole house, the car turned into the garage and he got out a walked up to his front door, when he stepped inside he went into his kitchen and pulled out a gun a placed it onto the cabinet and then went into his living room, he walked over to the light switch and flicked it on, when he turned round he saw this figure in a black suit with leather gloves on cross legged sitting in his armchair, he flinched with shock and quickly went to take the gun out of his jacket, the figure in the chair said ‘it’s not there. It’s in the kitchen, where you left it’, the man replied ‘w..w…who are you?!?!’

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