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Creative writing based on great expectations Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“Hold your noise” bellowed a voice I stopped and held my breath praying the voice wasn’t shouting at me. After that I could see him from the back of the church where I was hiding, tall scary man, he looked dirty and was probably smelly. He had my friend Pip and was yelling at him trying to scare him. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was chilling to look at and Pip had a worried looked on his face. Pip was pointing to something I guess he was pointing to where he lives with his older sister as his parents are dead. After that he grabbed Pip by his ankles and turned him up the wrong way, holding him up in the air and violently shaking him. I was so frightened. I think he was looking for money or food he might have needed it so he could get new clothes and see a doctor. Pip didn’t have any food or money so the scary man put him the right way up, sitting on the top of a tombstone.

He was saying something to Pip, some thing that petrified him, I could see the back of his hands gripping on to the tombstone where the creepy man made him sit. The man was making Pip lean back more and more, he had hold of his arms and was pushing him. Next

he stopped, holding Pip almost upside down again. At this point I moved a bit closer, I wasn’t

going to let him kill my friend without a fight, I may have been small and absolutely terrified but Pips my friend and no one messes with my friends with me to answer to.

“You get me a file” he announced to Pip pushing him back even more “and food” he shouted. He pulled him up at last so he wasn’t leaning back. Pip agreed to meet him with the things he asked for the next morning, really early. I thought they saw me for a minute they both turned round and looked at me. Followed by the nasty man talking about not being alone, that if Pip told he would eat his liver and heart!

He lifted Pip down and told him one more time that his friend would get him if he told anybody. “I’ll be watching you, you wont know but I’ll be there, if you tell a soul I’ll hear, I’ll be angry, me and my mate WILL get you, you will suffer” I was slightly nervous that ‘his mate’ might have seen me and that they might come after me when Pip went home. Pip stuttered for a awhile with fear but eventually managed to get out three words “goo-good ni-night s-sir”. I watched Pip run in the direction of his house, from behind the corner of the church I saw the man, stumble toward the wall and make a half hearted effort to get over it, in doing so he ripped the bottom of his trousers even more than they were already. I heard him make a loud noise that I could only assume was him falling in to some nettles or bramble the other side of the fence.

After I was sure that know one was around I made a quick dash for home, my mother didn’t believe the story until Pip went missing. Afterwards she wouldn’t let me out of her sight. They found Pip luckily he was still alive but badly hurt, it wasn’t the man that hurt him thou it was the bullies from school, they said I would get him for telling the teachers. I told Pip that I saw and from then on me and him were inseparable, doing everything together so they didn’t get us.

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