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Creative Writing Essay Sample

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Creative Writing Essay Sample

Andrew sat on the settee and threw his hands in the air.’ why did I stoop so low every thing was going so well with us. Surely I must be cursed’, he exclaimed. I merely looked on. I wanted to tell him I knew how he felt but that would be a lie. I didn’t, how could I a confirmed bachelor begin to understand what he was going through. Without warning he burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably. I walked up to him and put my arms around him. It was awkward I admit but the gesture sort of calmed him down. He was agonising inside.  I had always drawn my strength from him. He had been successful in every thing he did. Back in school he sailed through with top grades, was on the school swimming team, was popular with the boys and girls, in a nutshell he had it all. After college, he went on to join Harvard University where he graduated at the top of his class in the discipline of business management. He was offered an opportunity to master which he promptly turned down in favour of a job with Barclays who head hunted him straight out of Harvard. He rose quickly through the ranks and within two years he had risen to the position of branch operations manager in a branch in Washington DC.

All the while I had struggled through college, dropped out of university and tried my hand at a number of things before I settled down to try my luck at journalism. My big break came when out of boredom I penned an article to the New York Times about the future of California in the light of globalization.  I can’t seem to remember the details but it so impressed the editor that he gave me a call and asked me to go and see him. The meeting went well, actually that is an understatement, it was beyond my wildest dreams. I was offered a post as a trainee journalist with a monthly wage of $ 5000. This was almost five times what I was getting freelancing. I thanked God for shining down on me. I called Andrew that night and shared the news with him. He also had a surprise for me. He was leaving the Washington job to come and take up another one with a company in California that dealt with securities. I was overjoyed to hear that as we had been close. Time and distance had not mellowed our concern for each other.

He was like the brother I never had. Soon after relocating, that was three years ago, he had turned the company around and now it was the leading stock brokerage firm in the entire state. I admired his Midas touch. Then nine months ago he met Helen, a psychologist in the Californian state hospital. They hit off like a pair of lovebirds. Three months later they were married. Helen was a lovely lady and she was liked by all of Andrew’s friends and colleagues. There was warmth in their home that was not so easy to find elsewhere. You could always feel at home in their company. When they broke the news that Helen was pregnant, we had an impromptu party. We were all overjoyed for them. They were the kind of couple you admired and envied but could never wish ill. It was thus no surprise that there was great concern after Helen hurt herself in a minor car accident. She suffered superficial injuries but was advised for the sake of the baby she should take things easy. We swamped their house with bouquets of flowers until Helen personally wrote to us pleading that if she saw another flower delivered to her house she would go crazy. None the less she invited us over to her place for a barbeque a week after the accident to bond and in her own words,’ prove to you all that I am ok’.

            About a month later I had lunch with Andrew at a rustic eatery run by an elderly couple that served food much like the way mum used to. Over lunch he briefly touched on the business problems facing his company and the threat by the boss that he could lose his job over the poor performance. In retrospect, I found that kind of odd for Andrew never discussed office matters with outsiders. ‘Official office policy’ he would retort if we asked him anything that touched on his office life. He was careful not to pry into the affairs of others. I began to wonder where Andrews’s karma began to turn against him. This spate of incidents seems to have changed the man I knew into someone else. The mental anguish he was going through was unbearable.

What am I going to do?’ Andrew screamed,’ I would rather die than face my wife’. This outburst brought me back to the present. I needed to help my friend deal with his problem.

            Helen was up early, as usual to make breakfast. Andrew had just emerged from the shower and was patting himself down with a towel when he heard his wife’s voice calling him to eat. ‘Be down in a minute love’, he responded. He had a meeting with the chairman of the company and he wanted to look his best. He took his time picking out a suit before settling on the dark blue striped one. ‘You know one can tell your mood by the colors you wear’, Helen said. She had crept up on him. ‘Wow, you had me scared for a minute ‘, Andrew replied as he recovered from the mild shock. ‘A little jolt in the morning helps to keep an attack of nerves at bay’. ‘Yes I fully agree and I hope you will stop working so hard. I think we really need to see about getting some help around here’. Andrew replied. The issue of getting some help distressed Helen as she did not want to be thought of as an invalid. Every time the matter came up, she would brush it away. Andrew noticed that of late she had bags under her eyes. They sat down for breakfast and in no time Andrew was through and rushing out of the door. ‘It’s rude to keep the boss waiting; he said as he kissed his wife and got into the car. As he drove off, she thought to herself that she needed some help around the house. She walked back in and shut the door. She got out the newspaper cutting she had been keeping in her purse and dialled the number of an agency that advertised for house helps.

On the third ring, the phone was answered by a polite woman with a high pitched voice. After brief introductions they promise to send over somebody for her to interview. Meanwhile Andrew was in a meeting with the chairman. The mood was tense and the meeting had threatened to get stormy after the finance manager quit his job in a huff. ‘You are not leaving before the auditors are through with you’, the chairman shouted at the now former finance manager walked out of the meting. The chairman turned to Andrew to vent his anger. ‘And you Andrew, must be able to improve on the sales. I want those figures up or next time I will do the firing’. Over lunch, Andrew mused about the morning’s activities. The chairman had a point. There was something awry in the accounts department and he had heard it whispered that the finance manager was living way beyond his means. He opted to ignore the office gossip but he could not help noticing that there were increasing complaints of customers whose accounts had anomalies. His mind drifted back to his wife. If only she was not so stubborn to take on some help then the tiredness she felt would lessen. He could not remember the last time they had made love. That was not his main concern, her health was. ‘I could wait for a year if need be’, he spoke out to himself. As he went back to the office, he toyed with idea of taking a short break from the office to recharge Helens and his ‘batteries’.

            ‘My name is Ashley and I was sent by the employment agency. You must be Helen, a pleasure to meet you.’ What a polite girl Helen thought herself as she returned the greeting. She invited the girl into the house and offered her a glass of juice. After interviewing the girl for about twenty minutes she decided to hire her. When can you begin? asked Helen. ‘Like yesterday madam was the prompt reply ‘. Then see you at 7 am tomorrow. Thank you again and see you in the morning, Ashley said as she left. That girl will be a joy to work with Helen thought to herself as she went to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. One thing still seemed to bother her. Of late she had lost interest in her looks and the fatigue she felt had left dark bags under her eyes. She felt so tired most of the times that she did not go to the salon anymore. The thought of going was work enough. Ashley by contrast was so beautiful one could actually think she walked out of a magazine. Would my husband be attracted to her, she pondered.

The girl was a college student on recess, very intelligent and by the first impression a very organised person. She needs work to finance her college education and was willing to work as a house help to earn the much needed money. Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. “Honey I am home,’ Andrew said he let himself in. ‘Supper will be ready soon’, she called out from the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen and hugged her. ‘I got a surprise for you’, she said. ‘Tell me all about it’ ‘I hired a help today.’ ‘You did, that is wonderful. When does she start?’ ‘Tomorrow morning. I have to warn you she is intelligent and gorgeous.’ ‘My love, I have eyes for you only.’ Andrew said as he hugged and smothered her with kisses ‘Careful the food is going to burn ‘,Helen laughed as she released herself from his embrace. ‘Honey I have to go out and meet some clients. I’ll have to eat when I get back’ He related to her the events of the day leaving out the possible sack if things did not improve. ‘Alright but don’t stay out too late ‘, she called after him as he went to the room to change his clothes. Ten minutes later he was ready to go. ‘See you later love’, he whispered in her ear as he headed for the front door.

One hour later Andrew was doing the rounds of a cocktail function and trying to get the inside track on the company’s market position from those in the know. ‘You see Andrew; I do not understand why you let things get so out of hand. The web has a few articles penned by clients who felt cheated by your company. When bad news hits a company in this industry you fight back immediately. You guys have a task and a half on your hands’. ‘Thanks’, Peter ‘I knew I could rely on you for market intelligence’, Andrew said. ‘If you are so grateful you can send me a check, I could do with money’ peter said as he reached for another one of the cocktails being assed around.

Take a rain check on that, my chairman is firing not hiring. Andrew replied as he made his way to the door. It was past midnight and he had promised Helen he would be home early. But he had the excuse that he was finding the problem to the company’s falling fortunes. . He got home and let himself in. He went to the kitchen and got the food out of the oven. He better enjoy it as it may be a long time before his wife cooks another meal since the new help comes in tomorrow. He sat down to eat. His wife’s cooking was always so good. This night was no exception. As he climbed into bed Helen turned to kiss him goodnight. ‘I thought you were asleep’. ‘Now I am’, she replied as she turned over again and slept.

            Morning came too soon for Andrew who felt a slight headache. He got ready for work and went to have his morning meal. Helen called out from the kitchen for him to come and have breakfast. He went into the kitchen and was pulling out a chair when Ashley turned around to meet him. ‘Morning sir, what can I serve you with? Andrew was taken aback. The girl or was it woman was so beautiful. Her voice was velvety in nature and she had a well structured body. He thought of a high school rhyme that they used to sing, ‘beautiful girls can’t cook or clean but my oh my can they swing’. ‘Anything’, he stammered and immediately regretted saying that. Helen was watching all this from the corner of her eyes. Her training taught her that this was a normal male reaction to meeting a beautiful woman for the first time.’ Let me serve him’, she said as Andrew leaned over to peck her cheeks. ‘Morning love’, he said.  ‘The usual dear? ‘She asked as she proceeded to give him his food. Prior to coming to the kitchen he was willing to forgo breakfast but suddenly he felt hungry. After hurriedly eating, he excused himself, hugged his wife and made for the door. Kissing his wife as he reached for the door knob she whispered in his ear, ‘think about me’

            The day passed by quickly and as Andrew was pulling into the driveway Ashley was headed home. ‘Have a nice evening’, sir she said as they bypassed each other. ‘You too’, he called out. He found Helen in the sitting room watching TV. For the first time in a longtime she had make up on and her hair had been done up. ‘Darling you look beautiful, did you make it to the salon?’ ‘Do I? thank you. No Ashley appears to have mastered many skills. She has cooked, washed, swept and vacuumed the house and still had the energy to make my hair. She is the one who insisted I need a make over and some how she convinced me too.’ ‘I have to go out for some more networking cocktails so I have to leave soon’. ‘Oh no honey I thought we would spend the evening together’.

Deep down inside Andrew wished he could give the function a pass but the CEO of a foreign based subsidiary wanted to list on the stock exchange and was looking forward to hiring the services of Andrew’s company. A miss at the cocktail could be costly in terms of business lost. ‘Sorry love, but I promise tomorrow night I will be here for you.’ It was a promise he intended to keep. As he got to leave for the function, Helen hugged him and with tears in her eyes asked Andrew whether he loved her. ‘Of course I do love you why do you ask?’ ‘Nothing, I just wanted a confirmation’. At the party , Andrew was so distracted by Helen’s question that he paid little attention to the CEO’ s queries After failing to get Andrews total attention the CEO plainly told Andrew that his company was shifting its focus to another company . Even after this remark Andrew said,’ thank you we hope to do business with you’. He left the party after this incident and found Helen changing to get into bed ‘home early? She asked. ‘Yeah, I would have been here earlier but the guy just kept on asking me more questions.’ That night they fell asleep in each others arms. The first since Helen’s accident.

            The next morning as he was preparing to go to work , the chairman called to complain that the CEO he had been with the night before had opted to do business with their closest rival after, the way  Andrew had treated him last night . It took the intervention of the chairman to save the deal. The chairman called for a 9 am meeting to discuss urgent matters. For breakfast, he was going to have stress. The fight in him was lost. The chairman berated him for his poor showing and he didn’t put up an excuse. All he wanted was for the day to end. He drove straight home and called out to his wife when he go there. ‘Sorry sir, she has gone to bed. She was feeling unwell’ Ashley said. She looked even better than the last time.

But Andrew was in no position to appreciate beauty at this point. He went into their room to check on her and found her asleep. He roused her from her sleep and asked what he problem was. ‘I just felt fatigued that’s all.’ ‘Have you seen the doctor?’ ‘I feel ok; there is no need for one. ‘Andrew called the doctor who came and diagnosed her with lack of vitamin C. The doctor gave her  some tablets and suggested a lot of sleep. When he had gone, Helen suggested to Andrew that Ashley takes up the guest room and becomes a ‘live in’. Ashley had agreed to the plan for convenience sake. It would be easier for her to prepare the morning meals and take care of Helen when Andrew is not around. Helen had begun to see the need for someone to be on hand in the event of any emergency. The next morning Andrew reported for work late as he assisted Ashley to move her things. They got to talk on the drive to and fro and Andrew begun to feel that she was indeed God send. After dropping her off at his home he went to work. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating and he found himself thinking about her the whole day.

             At 5 pm he packed his things and rushed home. Once again Helen was in bed not feeling well. He brought her some tea and propped up her pillows so she could sit upright. Before she could finish her tea she was asleep. Andrew tucked her into bed and went to the kitchen to have his supper. Ashley was cleaning up the dishes in just a nightshirt. ‘Sorry sir, I did not think you would be around at this time’ Let me change into something more appropriate.’ Andrew just stared at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. ‘It is ok, I just wanted to eat and then I’ll be out of here’, he croaked his voice thick with emotion. She got out the food and served him. As she placed the plate in front of him her breast brushed his cheek. He wondered if he was being provoked. It must be my imagination he thought. ‘Goodnight sir.’ ‘Goodnight and Ashley let us drop the sir thing’. She smiled coyly and nodded her head.

He placed the dirty dishes in the sink, ran some water over them and turned off the kitchen lights. As he passed the guest room enroute to his, he noticed the door was ajar. Ashley was standing in front of the dressing room mirror combing her hair and clothed in just a towel. At the precise moment he was passing the towel fell to the floor. He was transfixed at the sight he saw. Unconsciously he gasped and Ashley turned around to see Andrew gawking at her. She picked up the towel slowly and covered herself in slow motions. Andrew could take it no more he knocked on the door and she welcomed him. Yes Andrew can I help you? This is so stupid what am I doing here? He asked. Her arms were already around his waist. She moved to kiss him but he got to her first. The next half hour was one of raw emotions been expressed. She told him not to tell his wife. He just nodded his head and walked away. As he shut the door she reached for him saying, ‘anytime you need me I am yours’. That night sleep did not come easily to Andrew. He tossed and turned in his bed the whole night. All the while Helen slept like a baby. He arose earlier than usual and got dressed for work.

            As he made his way to the front door Ashley met him and asked whether he would like to eat something as the breakfast was ready. ‘She will suspect if you behave in a suspicious manner’. He realized the truth of the matter and turned around to head to the kitchen. ‘I think I’ll go and check on Helen first’, he said. On entering the room he found her getting out of bed. ‘You are early today dear,’ ‘yes I have a meeting at eight and I don’t want to be late ‘he lied. ‘Will you have breakfast with me then ‘, she asked. He deliberated this in his mind as he recalled Ashley’s advice to act normal. ‘Why not, I guess the meeting go can begin without me let us go love’, he said.  As they sat down in the kitchen, Ashley greeted and served them. There seemed to be a little tension in the air but Helen dismissed it as a consequence of her general fatigue. The day passed by very quickly for Andrew and he couldn’t seem to get the events of last night out of his head. Once again he got home early and found Helen watching TV. She was in high spirits and this pleased Andrew who did not want to be left alone with Ashley. ‘How was your day dear?’ she asked. He took her through the day’s events and suggested that they go out for a movie or just drive around the block. ‘Actually honey I am not in the mood maybe another day. I feel quite tired so after supper I retire to their rooms. Andrew was avoiding eye contact with Ashley the whole time.

            That night at around 1 am Andrew heard some noises in what seemed to be the sitting room. He decided to investigate what was happening. He crept cautiously to the source of the sound hoping to surprise the burglars if any. He got he shock of his life, there was Ashley semi naked waiting. ‘I knew you would come if I made some noises.’ ‘Ashley this has …’ the rest of his words was lost in the passionate kiss that she gave him. He found himself totally aroused and ready to give in.  They began what came to be routine. Ashley or Andrew would find ways to sneak out when Helen was asleep and extinguish their passions wherever was convenient. With time the guilt of his actions did not bother him, rather it acted as some sort of aphrodisiac. They began to be a little careless and acknowledged each other more openly in front of Helen. ‘I have noticed that you are much happier, things must be getting better at work. In fact if I didn’t know better, I would say you were in love’ ‘yes’, he. Replied,’ a lot of our old customers are coming back’, he lied. The truth of the matter was he could care less what happened around him as long as he had Ashley.

            As he drove off to work this morning, Helen said a peculiar thing to him. ‘Make sure you come home early today love.’ at the workplace, the day progressed slowly. The accounts department brought in the transactions figures for the last six months. They were down by 13%. Must be unlucky he mused. Then the phone rang. It was Ashley. She told him to make a beeline for the state hospital. ‘Why what has happened? he asked. She began to tell him that Helen began to feel unwell after breakfast. She started getting abdominal pains and asked Ashley to call 911for assistance. The ambulance staff took one look at her and hoisted her onto the gurney and took her to hospital. Andrew quickly got into his car and headed to the hospital.

On arrival he was told that his wife was in the operation room and that he had to wait for the doctors to get any report. The report came in after wait of over three hours. The doctor pulled him aside and told him that they had lost the child in the miscarriage but that the mother was alive and that he would be able to see her after half an hour. Andrew said a prayer thanking God for saving the life of his wife. When the time came to see her, Andrew walked into see her laying still on her bed her face emotionless. He thought she could dead but noticed a slight movement of her hand. ‘Darling how are you feeling he asked tears welling in his eyes. No response. She had a vacant look on her face and was staring out the window. He began to cry. The guilt his actions and the loss of his child were too much to bear. He was not prepared for what came next

            ‘Andrew you married me for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health and now let us part. You took me for a fool. Sneaking off to Ashley’s room in the middle of the night on one pretext or the other. I followed you one day when you got out of bed and confirmed my suspicions. I let you get away with it for i believed you will get over the infatuation. I don’t blame you for the whole thing, I brought the girl into our home but you had to wreck our marriage. I could understand you wanting to be with her. What I did not expect was that you were planning on leaving me for her. This morning after you left for work she came to tell me that she was going to leave work on Friday. I accused her of trying to steal my husband and that is when it became nasty. She told me that it was true you are lovers and that the time had come for you to make a choice. I did not believe her until she showed me the engagement ring you bought her .it had to be a copy of the one you gave me. What did I not do for you that you could so calmly plan to abandon me with child? You are free to go now. I will not be saddled with your burdens. My bags are packed and all that is left is for me to move out. Now can you get out of my hospital room?’

            Andrew tried to protest but she rang the bell and the nurses came to remove him. He drove aimlessly for one hour until he came to my house to tell me the tale.

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