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Crime Drama Storyline Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

At the beginning of the play, a girl (Sarah) stands alone. She looks depressed standing on the very top of a New York building. She jumps to her death.

At the same time, a man (John) is running through a very busy, crowded place. He pushes and bangs the people out of his way. After a while, he hides in a train station corridor. He is very breathless. Everywhere you hear cars cop with siren soundings chasing after him. Luckily for John they could not follow him in to the crowd.

The next day, he is with his crew. The gang’s inside a shopping mall in a jewelry shop. They look suspiciously around. John keeps eye contact with his gang. Meanwhile John takes out a gun from his pocket and shouts “freeze” to everyone.

At that moment his gang runs off to the cashier and robs all the money then they rush out, while John stays and threatens the shop manager, he points the gun straight at him then he quickly runs to his car.

After, they’ve run away, the cops arrive but again they were too late to catch them.

The place is surrounded with reporters, journalists, detectives and ambulances.

The next morning, when they switch on the television, they see themselves on the news committing the robbery. However, no one can see who they are as their faces are covered.

In a down town bar, John meets Sarah for

the first time and they fall in love. However, Sarah isn’t bothered about his past because she

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is madly in love with him. After being together for few months, they decide to live together.

A few weeks pass and things don’t really seem to be working out right and Sarah begins to notice John’s unusual behaviour. This is when she finds out that he is a gangster. Sarah is heartbroken.

They have a big argument and Sarah threatens John with calling the cops.

Early that morning Sarah packs her bag and leaves him.

A detective (Bob) meets Sarah at the club. Sarah is totally drunk and not in her right mind. Bob goes over to her and tries to chat to her. She explains everything about the incident that happened to her.

Bob is in shock. He asks her about John’s past and where he lives.

They become friends, whenever Sarah needs help Bob is always there for her. Sarah is again in love but this time with Bob, but she doesn’t’t know that Bob is a detective and that he has tricked her to get what he wants.

John finds out about Sarah spending time with Bob and he becomes angry and suddenly he realizes he still feels love for Sarah. He goes to meet her and begs her to come back to him. John then leaves. Sarah is confused. She doesn’t’t know who to choose.

Bob sits with the cops in the car on the way to John’s house.

The house is surrounded with cops.

Meanwhile, John and his gang are ready to escape.

Bob follows the cops, bangs the door and it opens by itself.

The fight begins. John’s gang and the cops are shooting at each other, sadly John’s gang members all die.

Now John seems really lost, he grabs all the guns and runs away.

While he’s running, he gets shot by Bob and the cops. John collapses and dies.

When Sarah switches on her television, she sees Bob with the cops and realizes that he is a detective. She screams out loud.

She phones Bob and asks him to meet her at midnight; Bob arrives, Sarah points the gun towards Bob and shoots him.

She has a broken heart and sees no way out. The thought of life in prison is too much for her to handle, killing herself is the only option!

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