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Introduction of TOPIC

I think that criminal justice today works for the most part. I believe that there are too many ways around it for criminals to get out and the innocent to be charged. It seems like the “crazy” people or guilty get many chances to get their life straightened out. There are too many murderers, rapist, and thieves out there to begin with, so we should just keep them locked up the best we possibly can. The justice system works sometimes in my opinion. I simply have this opinion because seeing crimes in the paper or on TV and seeing the people getting a short sentence or just overnight doesn’t seem right. If they did something wrong they should be punished the same amount for the crime they committed or worse so they learn. If they don’t learn after the first time it should be life in prison, depending on the crime of course. Being razed in a little harder kind of environment I think it should be a little more of a harsh decision for the cr

iminals. The type of environment that I was razed in was an environment that made you mentally tough

and physically tough as well. My parents and close family friends are the ones who razed me to think like this and I believe that it is very beneficial.

Having the mental toughness to make hard decisions seem easier in my mind. It can be better to be harder on someone so they learn fast and don’t walk all over you. Giving someone a lot of chances to figure things out can be a waste of time. If they can’t figure it out after the first or maybe second opportunity, than they are a waste of time. In this case though, I am talking about the more intense crimes such as theft or along those lines. I have been arrested twice, but not guilty of a crime. They were more of a learning experience because we were being dumb high school kids in a small town where everyone knows you. During this experience I had the opportunity to learn a little about the justice system and how it worked. We had court dates and had to attend or we would go to jail. The judge was very straight forward about what would have and could have happened. We were on probation for a year and if we violated the probation or rules that the judged laid down we would spend time in jail. I think this was handled very well because we learned from it and it never happened again. Especially for what we did, which wasn’t a big deal; they handled it with much more intensity and importance than probably needed. Overall in my case I think the justice system did well. But in bigger cases like murder or rape, they need to be harder on those types of people.

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