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A Critical Incident Management Plan is drafted in preparation for an accident or any other unforeseen circumstances that may require the immediate actions of organizational person. Communities, schools, hospitals draft these plans and follow it during emergencies to avoid panic and deal with everything in a strategic manner. This is important to avoid injury and further destruction of property. The Critical Incident Management Plan also terminologies as well as which

as which incidents are considered an emergency. It details how personnel should react to an emergency.


In case of very bad weather (Category II Cyclones) with wind speeds reaching 125-170 km/h, the company will release an advisory that power supply will be intentionally cut off to prevent additional damage caused by fallen electrical posts such as people being electrocuted.

            In an unforeseen incident of a power outage, the first task would be to identify the extent of the affected area through a scanning process. Personnel that are situated in strategic locations within the power grid will be asked to give a status report of their area. In case a fire occurs, or is expected to occur because of a fallen electrical post or any other reason, the company will quickly coordinate with the fire department to quickly put out the fire or prevent it from spreading. This will greatly minimize damage.

            The situation would be carefully analyzed based on the extent of the power outage and the current weather to identify if there are other hazards that need to be addressed. After the situation has been analyzed and it has been confirmed that there are no more hazards, the engineers can then strategically search for the cause of the power outage and work to bring the power at the quickest possible time.

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