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After careful analysis of assignment one, a couple of conclusions can be drawn in regards to the completion process. The route taken to complete this assignment was to get together as a group and discuss the case as a whole and begin to learn the most significant parts that we had to focus on. We had to generate the different parts of the case and create a situation as a company that we could produce solutions for. It was interesting to realize building a case is quite difficult and must be articulated very carefully. Approaching the solutions to the problem at hand was a bump on the road, however were clear after a while. I had some trouble really understanding what the assignment was telling me and I found the instructions to be a little vague. I had some issues trying to really grasp what the correct solution was in order to get the best possible outcome. I should have tried to better understand the case, which I will try to do for the following assignment.

In creating a better solution I would personally have gone more in depth with the case as whole, time restraints and the deadline of the assignment were a hurdle I had to get over. I did not manage my time properly in regards to this assignment. I didn’t realize how extensive it was so for the next assignment I plan on really making use of the time I have and better strategize the time I have to spend on the assignments. This was probably the best lesson of this assignment. I will need to separate my time and really work towards the goal of time management and putting in the time necessary. Group projects as a whole are a bit of a challenge itself as schedule conflicts and opinion conflicts. This does however prepare me for the real world and helps me see what I will be dealing with later.

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