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Critical thinking can be defined in many different ways, but in my opinion the easiest way to state what it is would be to call it a deep thought process on something. You constantly question things around you and people around you never letting your thoughts dull this is also critical thinking. Critical thinking has always been something that I have practiced naturally so I feel that some things in this course that other people learned here I already knew, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything. In all actuality I have learned how to define critical thinking, how to implement it in a more conscious state then a natural one like I had been before, and for my third greatest thing that I learned in this class would have to be how to use critical thought to my advantage.

My critical thought process is about the same, but I have learned how to use it more effectively. I find that throughout this course my ability to read what I was doing increased a decent bit even if I didn’t notice it at first it gradually became more noticeable. I honestly cannot say that I’m any higher on the critical thinking stages than I was before even if I have improved. I feel as if nine weeks in a course isn’t enough to jump me up to the next step and I honestly am happy where I am at on the stages.

The way that I feel that I could move past where I am at on the stage list for critical thinking would have to be experience and implementing that experience. There are no shortcuts in this world and that is why something like this needs to be taken slow otherwise you fool yourself into thinking that you have progressed when in all reality all you have done is gone back a step. Honestly I don’t think very many people in our world could be considered master thinkers maybe a whole 10,000 on our planet right now if that. Being a master thinker is something that takes a lot of thought, time, and effort to achieve and maybe one day I will be one but for now I feel as if my current stage on the list is fine.

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