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1. Vision and hearing are generally believed to be the two most highly prized senses. If I ever were to lose both of these senses, It would be highly traumatic. Especially losing my eyesight. The visual sense plays a huge role in our daily lives. With the control of eye sight, the human vision allows us to perceive our surroundings. If I ever were to lose my eyesight, my life would have a drastic change. I would not be able to dress on my own, watch movies, see the people I love, and most importantly I would have no visual appearance of myself. The loss of hearing would not affect me with the same extend as losing my visual sense. Although, it prevent me from listening to my surroundings it would not be as difficult to get around as it would if I were to be blind.

2. Every individual has a fairly high risk of hearing loss; one of the main reasons is excessive noise. Things like fireworks, noisy toys, head phones and power tools are all part of the excessive noise causing people the sense of hearing, most of which can be preventable. For example, if you have head phones on you can keep the volume below 4, or if you are working with power tool such as a chain saw you can wear ear earplugs. Another way you can prevent excessive noise from affecting your hearing is by reducing the amount of time you are exposing the noise to your ears.

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