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Writing has strengths and weaknesses. Writing requires an extensive skill set, good grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. Good writing skills can be a ticket to better college grades and greater academic achievement. In my essay, I will discuss my strengths and weakness in writing and my goals for this class. One of my main strengths in writing is self-confidence. Having self-confidence exhorts me to do well on any writing project. My vocabulary is another strength in my writing skills. A strong vocabulary helps to keep my sentences terse. My main weakness in writing is not knowing how to start, which is a detriment to my writing skills. Having a good prognosis of how to structure my writing is imperative and can help me to do better. Incorrect grammar and punctuation also serves a foible to my writing skills. Another weakness I have in writing is developing a good sentence structure and how to transit each sentences in my writing.

There are three main goals I want to obtain from this class. One is to become a more critical reader of my writing by giving and listening to feedback from others. Another goal I want to accomplish is getting good grades throughout the semester. Also, I want to gain personal learning and techniques in writing which will help me in the future. Practicing good writing skills can be a little difficult but, it’s a long-term commitment which facilitates the ability to develop better writing habits. It also improves my ability to articulate my ideas in a clear and intelligently manner. Finally, good writing increase how credible and qualified others perceive you to be.

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