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Kava is a small town that has been impacted in numerous occasions by natural disasters. It has begun to deteriorate and needs a way to grow business overseas to start colonizing and help reconstruct the town to what it used to be. The organization trying to adapt to this new town is a restaurant franchise. In this paper the subject will be to define the issues regarding expanding the restaurant services overseas, and the forces involved in the formulation of the problem. It will use problem formulation tools and techniques and describe the organizational and environmental obstacles in a way that considers various key stakeholders who will be impacted by decisions taken here. All of this will be done by applying critical thinking in the decision-making process.

The issue toward Kava within the organization is that there is a broad ethnic background as well as religion and able to suit the special needs in food preferences is hard. The organization is concentrated on providing good tasting food to the public and excellent customer service. This may be difficult because different religion believe in different ways of formalizing. Within the American custom it is normal to greed someone by giving a firm hand shake and looking straight into the eyes. In other ethnicities or religious backgrounds this may seem rude and offensive. The issue for the company would be applying the different food preferences and training the right employees to adapt other customs to improve job satisfaction.

Some of the forces involved in the formulation process are the people themselves. The persons who will come overseas have to be trained according to all the specifications needed as mentioned above. Other forces are that the local people living there, he or she may not agree to the new ways of the restaurant itself. Some people tend to reject new change or something not seen in his or her customs. Another force is that the employee hired locally may have a harder time adjusting to the American customs and learning the customs of others. The restaurant’s facility may also have to be changed in appearance and decorations. What is normal in the American customs may not be in others. The way the personnel are trained may have to change because the way of learning may vary from one religion or ethnic background to another. The restaurant’s managing department may have to input new human resources with different ways of managing and handling employees. Moving overseas to a new place can generate different problems. This can change from the facilities appearance to the way management handles and manages employees.

The organizational and environmental obstacles to consider stakeholders who will be impacted by decision are the change in the facility and change in management. Some of the problem formulation tools and techniques that can be used are supporting data, spreadsheet, and brainstorming to come up with new strategies. Stakeholders must be aware of the dramatic change taking effect on the organization. Several management structures will change. The way employees are handled and trained will also be change. Stakeholders need to be aware of these new changes because he or she will be affected by the new decision made. Stakeholders should be notified of all the changes whether it is within the facility or in management. The new changes will change the structure that stakeholders have adapted and are used. Expanding overseas and adapting the new ways of managing an organization with the customs and rules of the new place can be difficult. In Kava the decision-making process is implemented. In Kava the problem is the new way of management and change in facility. The goal, criteria, and objectives are to have the right persons available for training and the necessary information needed to implement the various customs of religious and ethnic background.

The problems evaluated are that employees may not adapt to the new customs and that local persons may not like the new restaurant style. Kava can gain from having a restaurant franchise. This restaurant will gain money as well as offering potential job openings to local people. By offering job openings the town can slowly start reconstructing itself from the natural disasters it has been impacted from. In this paper the subject has been to define the issues regarding opening a new facility in Kava. These issues are taking in consideration the ethnic and religious background when elaborating the food menus. Implementing new customer service techniques that can accommodate new clients regardless of his or her background is also an issue. The forces involved in formulating the problem are the people themselves. Depending on a person’s background is how his or her mind will be toward change and new implementations. Problem formulation tools and techniques have described the organizational and environmental obstacles in a way that considers various key stakeholders who will be impacted by decisions taken here at the same time as applying the critical thinking in the decision making process.

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