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Choose one of the following scenarios:

You are a member of a group working on a class project. The group members are enthusiastic about the project and arrange a meeting time to begin planning. You forget to mark your calendar and miss the meeting. The group posts a summary of the meeting with assignments and deadlines for the project. You apologize to the group and agree to complete the topic research for the project. You realize you have a paper due in another course on the same day that your research is due, and you concentrate most of your time on your individual assignment. The paper takes longer than you thought, and you are unable to conduct research for the group project by the deadline. You feel bad about this and do not respond to inquiries from group members. You post a message to the group explaining you are having computer problems. The group expresses their empathy and proceeds without you, completing and submitting the project with your name included.

Part A: Write five questions you need to ask yourself to help you think through the situation and determine a course of action.

1. What should I have done better to avoid this situation from happening? I should have participated in the communication process as soon as I noticed I had missed the scheduled meeting. Then, I should have focused on my team assignment first, because it takes a longer time to complete.

2. How did my lack of responsibility affect the learning team? My lack of responsibility caused my team to stress and have to work overtime in order complete my part of the assignment and be able to meet the deadline.

3. Why did I not plan my deadlines or study time wisely?
I should have written an outline of deadlines, highlighting the portion of responsibilities I was expected to complete. I also should have set calendar
reminders in order to keep pace on time and deadlines.

4. Will my team trust me enough to let me work with them on another project? My team will probably not trust me for a while. I am sure I will need to proof to them with my initiatives, proper follow up and work that I made a mistake and that I can make it up to them. I will need to regain their trust, so they will hopefully trust and give me a second chance.

5. In what other ways can I contribute to my team without being there in person? There are many ways I can contribute to my team; I can participate in conference calls, text messages, phone calls, video chat and emails.

Part B: Questioning yourself, as you did in the exercise above, is a form of critical thinking. This can, in turn, help you understand more about how you work. Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

What were your aptitude results?

Here are some of the positive results from my aptitude test. Logical thinking ranked high on my results, which means I am able to breakdown information and analyze it to gain insights. In second place, applying expertize demonstrates that I am able make usage of past experiences and of technical tools. It also demonstrates that I am proficient in working with other departments and understanding the required skills to get a project or job done. Innovation also came in 3rd place, which means I am a creative person who likes to come up with new concepts, ideas or strategies to communicate a message. Here are some of the other strengths, following instructions, adapting to change and writing.

These are the opportunities I need to work on in order to grow academically and professionally. On top of the list is entrepreneurial thinking, meaning I need recognize opportunities in the marketplace and understanding how and when to capitalize on them. In second place, goal focus, which means I must follow a strict path in order to achieve my desired goal of graduation or any other personal set of goals. In 3rd place, coping with pressure, which
translates prioritizing deadlines, making the right decisions and understanding what is important. Some of the other areas of development are organizing, taking initiative, leading and strategizing.

Describe your capacity to resolve complex situations and solve problems based on your results.

When faced with a complex situation, some of my capacities are that I like to be fair and ethical in order to understand what has occurred. It is much easier for me to find a solution once I understand how the situation happened, than to hear blames across the room. Also, I don’t like to dwell on the negatives of the problem; instead I like to work on the solution so that everyone can learn from the experience and make wiser decisions the future.

Therefore, based on my results, since I am a logical thinker after I analyze how things happen. I like to apply my experience base on past lessons so that others do not make my same mistakes. But if the situation is new, then it is a lesson to be learned by everyone and notes should be taken in order to make the proper corrections.

What are you strengths and weaknesses in the area of reasoning and critical thinking?

Some of my strengths in the area of reasoning are my fair and ethical way of separating the facts from the opinions being expressed in a situation. I always try to listen to both sides of the problem before drawing a conclusion. In addition, I like to write ask and down questions to figure out how things occurred. I also highlight key areas of interest and try to see if any of them were the root of the problem.

Also, by taking notes, asking questions and highlighting key areas of improvement, I apply critical thinking technics that help me understand how things may have happened and how some issues could have been avoided. Plus, by applying this critical thinking technic, I am able to identify the areas
that need most attention.

On the other hand, a weak area I must develop is how to create a proper improvement plan that is fair and effective for everyone involved in the situation. Because I want to through an improvement plan to turn a negative situation into a positive learning experience for all of the parties involved.

How will understanding this help you in both your academic life and workplace?

By analyzing my class weekly goals and required reading and applying the appropriate critical thinking technics to understand my assignments, I am able to identify the key areas of importance. By knowing what is important I am able to then focus on my strengths of being analytical and focused. While identifying the areas of improvement such as planning a course of action and improvement goals that will help me grow and gain the required experience to be more successful in my academic work.

These same critical thinking skills can be applied to the workplace, by understanding what is required as part of the job responsibilities. Plus, knowing which areas need the most attention in order to perform well and leveraging the strengths that help you obtain the current job position such as education or experience.

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