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Should animals be used for scientific research? To answer this question plain and simple, NO. During the course of history, animal research has played a vital part in discovering new advances and increasing human benefits. Still, most of society has a habit of forgetting the total cost and toll for those advances – the excessive amounts of animals that have suffered severe damage during the course of this cruel research. Humans do not understand that animals are living beings as well, and feel pain and cannot and do not have the option to give consent to being experimented on. Animal experimentation should be not allowed because it is cruel, unethical, and there are safer alternatives that are more humane, than to experiment on animals. (Yahoo answers) It is cruel to use animals for scientific research. According to PETA in 2005, out of the more than 1.4 million animals that were researched on in the United States, 85,000 were subjected to pain without stress relief. Primates, dogs, rats, mice, rabbits, pigs, and cats are just a small percentage of the creatures that are routinely used in experimentations.

Animals go through horrible pain during this research. From constant injections to administer test drugs, to the traumatic examinations and monitoring; pain, stress and trauma are the result for the animals. Videos taken within these laboratories display animals that tremble in horror each time somebody walks by their cages that they are confined in. The animals are imprisoned and observed over certain periods of time while they go through hell and eventually die. (PETA) The unethical practice of research on animals is unnecessary. Even though it is unethical, we still conduct research on animals. The reason why we do this is for our own convenience. We allow research and experiments to animals that would be considered unethical if they were done on humans. Think of the way humans feel when hospitalized, going through the ordeal of being poked and prodded, for fluids, testing and lab work.

We often talk of the pain associated with that process, and that only comes when treatment is necessary. Imagine if someone was inflicting that ordeal on another for research without their consent. It wouldn’t be tolerated. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is an example of how it was done and the fallout from that experiment has been massive. The government is still paying for that decade long study where people were studied without their knowledge and often denied treatment in the name of science. (Wikipedia)Why all the fallout? Because it is ethically wrong to inflict pointless suffering upon any living creature human or animal. Scientists insert animals with harsh elements, genetically control them to cause rare and agonizing genetic diseases and these unethical scientists give these animals diseases and these animals are not even given pain medicine to help relieve some of the pain that is inflicted upon them. (Buzzle) There are safer ways to test products and do research other than using defenseless animals. Computer modeling and databases can be used to define biological possessions of ingredients and can make it possible to evaluate the danger that is involved with whatever is being researched. (Johns Hopkins Center)

To utilize the need to experiment on living subjects, technologies have been established that lets human cell cultures be developed in a test tube and used for research cell and tissue culture (in vitro) studies can be used to screen for diseases and they can also produce and test a number of other pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and antibiotics. (Wikipedia) Scientific research on animals is unnecessary because of the cruel and unethical practice of it, especially when there are alternatives for doing experiments and research. A lot of people are shocked to find out that the products they use in their hair to the nail polish they use on their toes, and the cleaner they use to wipe down their counters are still being tested on animals in harsh experiments for purposes that are not necessary even though there are alternatives. These unethical experimentation and research are used because animals don’t have a voice to say no. It is cruel to let these animals go through this pain and agony while being caged up for months and even years before eventually dying. Animals should not be used for scientific research just because of the convenience, when there are safe alternatives that are not cruel and unethical.


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