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Start at the East London and there is the newspaper editor Donald Woods is the newspaper, suddenly arrives and gives Ken Robertson five photos that giving out police beating blacks, Woods decided to see them in the first page of his newspaper even though he knows that this is illegal. In one of the photos you see an image of a black (Biko) is a revolutionary. Biko had not let out of a given area. Woods wrote a story on Biko say q is the head of a black consciousness and tb. says that blacks should be segregated from whites. Mamphlea enters the newspaper office and discuss with Woods, she defends Biko and Woods asks that before you include in your newspaper that report will report more about it, then Woods decides to go visit and Biko tells Mampel go to King William’s Town which is the restricted area of Biko.

Woods is riding his mercedes to see Biko. He lives in a white area address matches a church, there are cops who watch Biko. Biko introduces him to his wife and their two children. The church was a place of employment for blacks, women sewed and manufactured toys. Woods and Biko chat in an office with several cases and end up becoming good friends.  A LIBERAL EDUCATION.

both went to Zanempilo where Biko was building a clinic 25 kilometers from the city, the guardians of Biko did not stop following him and were also nowhere. The clinic was located on a hill and next was a church, the clinic was for blacks and Mamphela was there was the doctor, Biko wanted to create their own organizations for blacks but Woods thought it would be better if they were mixed. Woods later Biko asks if he could work a white doctor in the clinic, Biko was unsure q pq everyone working there was negra.A Woods began to fall well Biko and promised that I would someday go to visit blacks.

Three weeks after Woods and Biko went outside to see black workers, but for that Biko had to leave the restricted area and if he got caught he would be put in jail. Mamphela said he did not want him put back in jail and Biko told not to worry that he had escaped without anyone seeing him. Woods drove his Mercedes and parked it in a small street, after five minutes came a black taxi door opened and Woods went into the car where they were Mamphela Biko and two more men, the driver quickly drove into the city’s blacks . Woods observed the cars in the streets houses the two walked in silence.

Biko Woods proposes to go to meet a
black family, the family of Tenjy. When they arrived in the house many black people and started to tell Woods as whites took over South Africa before this happened the land was for everyone. Biko tells him that the freed whites want blacks to integrate in society but in reality what we want the whites is that blacks are their servants. CHALLENGE

Weeks after Woods came to the newspaper with Tenjy and pq Mamphela had hired as newspaper editors so they could tell the situation that blacks suffered for it offers a section of the newspaper. Ken Woods and later attend a football match but this was forbidden blacks they were the only two whites who were in the field, Ken was not allowed to bring your camera. Mzimbi was a black leader who promulgated achieve freedom through a violent revolution, gives a speech to everyone at the party, later tb. Biko makes all the stage and applauded with fervor the words of Biko, including Ken and Woods. 7

There were many blacks who testified against their leaders for money, days later, Biko’s speech at the stadium by police officers went to look for Biko to carry on suspicion of the police station, the curator was a black man stuck in a box Biko had accused. Captain De Wet’s talk with Biko on the speech he had given in the game after a long discussion, the captain punched Biko and this hit back, then all the police commissioner rushed to Biko, but Captain I order his release and then Biko left the police station. Two weeks later Biko was a trial in the capital of South Africa (Pretoria) with this opinion but wanted to test his intelligence as an excuse put the speech he had offered in partnerships violent, he was able to answer all the questions asked. The only newspaper that published the news of the trial was that of Woods and did so in the first page, ignoring the laws prohibiting put news on prosecutions of blacks.

Woods was arrested for publishing information from the trial but was able to be released without problems. That night three masked men entered the church and smashed everything, Diliman hid the guard climbing a tree layer of the garden and could see how a man took off his mask and turned out to be the captain De Wet’s. The next morning, Woods and Biko came to the church and found out what had happened. Kruger Woods call the minister to tell the police what had happened Woods accused the captain and the minister said he would take the necessary measures, Woods believed him.

On Sunday
morning while Woods was with his wife’s maid told her he had two men at the door asking for him, two policemen were sent by Kruger asked if he had spoken to Kruger accusing a police officer and I affirm Woods, Police then asked the name of the witness who had seen and that if did not tell you accuse him of withholding evidence, but Woods did not say anything. Several weeks passed and nothing had happened and thought Woods would not take Kruger to court. Woods published a report in the newspaper about what had happened in the church and later went to a party that Biko was outside his area and told him what had happened and promised it would never give the name of the witness. A week later when Biko was writing an article for the time his wife heard noises outside and saw several men and one of them was Lemick who asked him out the door and had a search warrant. Woods then entertained them while his wife hid incriminating documents in the cradle of one of his daughters and when the police searched the house found nothing.  THE SYSTEM IS DEFENDED.

Woods would have to spend six months in jail if he did not name the witness, his lawyer Harold Woods took the case and could not escape from prison, when he was at home telling their children what had happened, his wife warning there were two policemen at the door. Woods took his gun and argued with the police about the legality of the maid in the end the police left the property. The next day a police car arrived in the vicinity of the newspaper and stood in front of three police Maphleta down and got into the car. Ken saw it all got to take pictures that Woods decided not to publish so as not to endanger you. That night Biko was to house to inquire Mamphela Woods and told him that she planned to give a rally in Cape Town for young blacks.

In the next two days nothing happened Maphela they knew nothing, at 12 pm a police car arrived at the newspaper with a warrant for Tanjy, Woods and Ken were behind the police and asked them what charges accused to arrest him and they responded that no, then spend another week and no more news later came the news that police had died Maphela said he had hanged himself. On trial for the death of Maphela Tenjy was the chief witness, told how she had been imprisoned and suffocated with towels as they lose the sense that this explained the bruises on the neck and Tenjy Maphela, but the jury finds that no one had Maphela killed. Biko Woods phoned and said that a police officer had shown him a figure of Maphela hanged a day before his death, Maphela call from home which was where I was writing the article. 1

After the trial Biko is going to rally to Cape Town with a friend named Peter suddenly they stopped at a traffic control, they ask for the documentation and get caught on Biko. Six days later, a doctor goes to the police station to see Biko and was very sick the doctor tells them they have to be taken to a hospital following the police access and take him to a hospital far from the city.

Woods called and told that Biko to death at first did not believe it but then called John and tells all. The next day Woods Biko’s death published in the newspaper even though it was forbidden. In South Africa all black men attacked police stations. Kruger did not plead guilty to the police for the death of Biko, pq this had been arrested outside the permitted area and also refused to eat as he shall die. The next day Woods and Ken went to the house to see Biko Biko’s body at first but eventually let them see it ending, Ken took pictures of the corpse, when they were about the woman asks if they would go to the funeral Woods Woods is very safe but in the end comes. The funeral took place 2 days later in the football field was full of black men and women, tb. attended by some representatives of countries like the U.S. white and Sweden and an hour later came the funeral.

Woods did not get to post pictures and 2 days later he went to a writers convention Pretonia. Wendy stayed home alone at night while watching the news threatening phone call, she suddenly heard a car was raised up and saw that a bullet had broken the glass of the office of Woods. Woods will be phoning Bruce Pretonia and a former colleague of the faculty and asked to go to your house, Woods told him that he was planning to travel to America to publish a book about Biko but his friend advised him not to pq when he would return to kill Woods says that in America there is a lot of influence and some would, so in the end is going to America, engages the flight to New York but first flight to stopover in Johannesburg Woods traveled under a false name but not get through customs and he catches ny tell you will lock for 5 years so I do go home

Two days later, Woods was writing for the newspaper under a different name when two policemen entered the house and Woods realized that his house was under surveillance with microphones Woods said it was the woman who wrote and three months after I finish the book on Biko’s life, Ken read the book and told Woods that he was going to leave until they publish it abroad, so it says to Wendy, but this does not want. Two days later the doorbell rings and it was the postman brought a package of two shirts with pictures of Biko ahead, Wendy decided it was time to publish the book and decided to travel outside the country.  ESCAPE FROM SOUTH AFRICA.

Bruce and his father helped to prepare for the trip on December 1, Woods manages to escape from the cops and gets the car, and Bruce gives him a passport of a certain David and Woods returns home after Bruce explains the plan on 31 December when everyone was drunk Woods would be changed by the father. Then come to the border of Lesotho and there would have to the river and Bruce expect in Maseru (the capital of Lesotho) and from there return to Botswana. Five days after all the details materialize, Kani (his father) hopes to Woods on a bridge to 6 miles from Queen Town on the road to Pretoria. So he could escape the family had to say they were going to the beach but really just go home to their parents in kuntata to 200 miles away, then expect to call Woods to see if it had come to Lesotho he would call on of 10 when she would call up there before the police caught.

Woods started the plan and the man who disguises himself in the picture dyeing their hair and putting on glasses, then Wendy said to be in a movie and takes the mercedes with hidden behind Woods when they reach the main road and goes Woods Wendy returns home. Woods hope to pass a car to hitchhike when it comes to Queens Town goes to the bridge where he was waiting for the parent is told that arrive late and leave the two, when they can not cross the river current is very pq strong but had to cross pq Lesotho was on the other side. At the end rain stops and tries to cross but can not.

Twenty minutes later attempt to cross the river again but can not, try to find someone who can help arrives at a village called a door, then comes a boy who says his name is Tomi and Woods explains his situation then Child says he tried to help, take the car and although I had little idea of driving takes you to the bridge, when they were near Woods picked up his suitcase and said goodbye walked to the bridge did not see anyone but when there was going to happen engine noise then look to the right and left but could not escape, the car stop in front of woods under a man or q said the bridge was closed on one side of the car put Lesotho Postal Service, the man asked where he went and Maseru Woods replied that the man then said that the rain had broken roads and could not go but he said he knew he could help a driver who could take him by plane. Woods put his suitcase in the car and went to the border where they asked the passport and asked that Woods had in the suitcase that he actually had some papers and convinced the police when they arrived in Lesotho Woods had to call his wife but there had no phone so I had to go to Maseru call. Wendy and her children were on their way when a police car tried to stop them then they floor the accelerator and made it to Umtata at the agreed time.

In Lesotho, Moses carried Woods to Maseru when they came to a crossroads where it had been found with what Bruce said he believed that they were not then never get fired from Moses and the two got into the BMW of Bruce, would have to go to speed to get in two hours, i finally got Maseru and arrived at 9:56 Masuri Woods got out and phoned his wife who was in Umtata when I talk to her and told her she had arrived and tb. Wendy could get told that they would see that he wanted when he hung prepared to leave.

James Moffat was the pilot of the plane that would take the country but they needed a permit Lesotho flight to fly out of the country, they did not have the permission but decided to fly anyway, Woods said he had to wait for his wife and children . Bruce Woods and waited while a mechanic to check the plane ended Avian them decided to fly south west of Johannesburg and then to Botswana’s capital Gaborone. Woods was walking along the road when the car arrived with his family, first down and embraced his children then under Wendy was looking at him a moment and then kiss.

The plane was ready, Jhon had gotten a United Nations passport to all and also thought to travel with them to Botswana, when it took off from the control tower were advised that they would bring down the plane and asked those who were on the plane Woods picked up the radio and said there was a Lesotho official and seven United Nations envoys. Woods looked out the window and watch Botswana and then remembered that Biko said that men can change, but can do so before the price is too high? !!!!¡ What is the price you pay! And then he remembered that Biko had died trying. Mapetla “had committed suicide? There were many who died trying to change South Africa.

Donalds Woods es un editor del diario “Daily Dispatch”, un diario de South Africa. Una mañana el consigue noticias sobre un levantamiento de la policía en un un municipio negro de Ciudad del Cabo, y también consigue las fotos de este hecho y decide publicarlas aunque el gobierno no lo permita. Woods no cree en la queja de la gente negra pero él es abogado y no le gusta la brutalidad por parte de la policía contra la gente negra. El escribe una nota sobre Biko y al dia siguiente el Doctor Mamphetla, que trabaja para Biko en su clínica va a ver a Woods, para hablarle sobre el articulo. Dr Mamphetla esta muy enojado porque piensa que Woods ha escrito basura sobre Biko y que esta desinformado sobre las ideas de Biko. Dr invita a Woods a juntarse con Biko en su área censurada. Algunos días más tarde Woods encuentra a Steven Biko en una vieja iglesia donde él quiere hacer un centro para la gente negra. Primero él es crítico contra Biko, pero entonces él escucha a la opinión de Biko y cambia Woods su manera de pensar.

Biko también va con Woods a la clínica, que Biko ha construido. La clínica es sólo para la gente negra, con trabajadores negros y un doctor negro. Pero Woods piensa que negros y blancos deberían trabajar juntos, pero él tambiénentiende, que los negros quieren algo en que ellos se destaquen. Al final Biko invita a Woods a ver como la gente negra en Sudáfrica realmente vive. En el municipio negro, ellos comen con una familia negra. Biko y la familia hablan sobre el sistema, la historia como el blanco vino a Sudáfrica y como la gente negra consiguió su situación mala que ellos tienen ahora. Después de esta visita Woods cambia su mente, porque él ve por primera vez como el negro tiene que vivir, que grande es su desesperación y que la unión es lo único que les queda. Al final de este día Biko y Woods se hacen amigos. Seis semanas más tarde Woods le da a Tenjy y Mapetla, dos amigos de Biko, un trabajo en su periódico. Mapetla lleva a Woods y Ken a un partido de futbol de negros. Antes de que este empiece Biko da un discurso.

Ken y Woods fueron convencidos por este discurso y las ideas que Biko representa. Después del partido Biko arrestado por la policía porque un informador del gobierno había dicho a la policía sobre el discurso. En la oficina de policía Biko es golpeado por el Capitán Wet. Después de la lucha entre Biko y dos policías de Wet lanzan a Biko fuera de la oficina. Dos semanas más tarde Biko es un testigo. Woods pone las palabras de Biko en su diario aunque seailegal. Una noche Capitan Wet y dos otros policías rompen todas las cosas de valor en la iglesia. Donald Woods no puede imprimir esto en su periódico porque hay un testigo que es un hombre negro llamado Dilima y si Woods imprimen su nombre, la policía mataria a Dilima. Woods se acerca Kruger el Ministro de Policía, y habla con él sobre el incidente. El ministro le dice que se va a encargar de que estas cosas no pasen.

Woods piensa que los hombres de policía no son tan malos como tantos negros piensan, Woods lamentablemente confía en ellos. Pero el domingo por la tarde dos policías vienen y quieren saber el nombre del testigo de Woods. El les explica a los policías que había hablado con Kruger y que no les podía dar el nombre, pero la respuesta de ellos es que la orden viene de arriba. Woods se enoja porque Kruger lo había traicionado. Como los dos los policías no tienen una orden Woods los despide sin decirles el nombre. Durante semanas no hay noticias y Woods piensa que todo esta bien, pero no. Una noche los dos policías verifican el pasaporte del ama de llaves negra de Woods llamada Evalina. Woods los saca de su propiedad. Al día siguiente, la policía toma la venganza: Tres hombres saltan de un coche y toman a Mapetla. Donald Woods piensaque Mapetla es golpeado por los policías para asi demostrar que los negros son menos. Dos días más tarde Tenjy es detenido sin cargos.

Después de una semana Mapetla está muerta. La explicación oficial de la muerte de Mapetla es, que él ahorcó él mismo. Pero Biko y Woods no pueden creer, entonces Biko exije una investigación. Tenjy es el testigo principal en la investigación pero el juez se cierra la investigación sin culpar a nadie sobre la muerte de Mampetla. Biko conduce a Ciudad del Cabo para hablar en una reunión importante de estudiantes negros aunque él sepa que no puede ir. Sobre el camino de vuelta de Ciudad del Cabo lo para la policía u le piden ver los papeles de Biko. Como ellos reconocen a Biko lo arrestan y lo llevan a prision. Seis días más tarde la policía llama a un doctor para revisar Biko. El cuerpo es cubierto de contusiones, la frente y ojos están heridos. Sobre el pecho y labios hay cortes. El doctor ordena llevar a Biko a un hospital. Aunque el doctor les diga que Biko posible tiene un daño cerebral ellos quieren traerle al hospital de policía en Pretoria a 1000 kilómetros de distancia y no llevarlo a la carcel de Elizabeth que es sólo 4 kilómetros de distancia porque ellos quieren el control sobre él.

El doctor no puede hacernada contra la policía y entonces ellos ponen Biko sobre una manta en el piso detrás de un Land Rover. Entonces ellos conducen con Biko sobre caminos rurales ásperos de mil de kilómetros y durante el viaje la cabeza de Biko choca en el suelo. Biko muere y Woods imprime un artículo sobre él con el titular ” BIKO MUERE EN CUSTODIA “. El Ministro de Policía niega la responsabilidad de policía y él dice que Biko ha sido detenido fuera de su área de prohibición y muerto porque él se suicido. Un día después de la muerte de Biko, Ntsiki , que es la esposa de Biko, Woods y Ken va a la morgue a averiguar como Biko en realidad murió. Se shockearon por el aspecto del cuerpo de Biko, los labios estaban hinchados, un enorme terrón sobre la frente y muchas contusiones alrededor de sus ojos. Ken saco una camara y fotografio el cuerpo. Woods y su esposa llegan al entierro y ellos ven a los miles de personas negras con los cuadros de Biko. Iria mas gente negra pero habian problemas con la policia.

La muchedumbre está enfadada, pero también triste. Después de un discurso la muchedumbre comienza a cantar la canción africana que Steven Biko ama. Woods quiere que otros periódicos escriban sobre la muerte de Biko, porque si él hace, el gobierno cerraría el diario.Pero todos los otros periódicos también tienen el miedo y no lucharían contra el sistema de esta manera. Entonces los Woods decide volar a Nueva York bajo un nombre falso. El día que él se va él envía las fotos a Inglaterra a una imprenta americana que imprime las fotos y ordena una investigacion. Pero sobre el aeropuerto dos seguridades interceptan a Woods y lo meten en una oficina. Allí el Teniente Beukes lee de una autorización a Woods que él esta censurado por 5 años. Aunque la policía prohíba que Woods escriba sobre Biko, el comienza a escribir un libro sobre la vida de Biko, porque él piensa que ideas Bikos tienen que vivir. Después de la hablar con algunos amigos él piensa que, si él publica el libro él y su familia tienen que escaparse de Sudáfrica si ellos no quieren morir.

Wendy primero no está de acuerdo con esta idea y los dos tienen un conflicto grande. Unos días más tarde, los niños de Woods reciben un paquete con Camisas envenenadas. Después de esta experiencia horrible Wendy también quiere publicar el libro. Woods comienza a planear su huida. El 31 de diciembre comienza su escapada: se disfraza y su esposa conduce a la torre del rey donde se encuenta con el Padre Kani quien maneja hasta orillas del rio Telle, rio que Woods intentacruzar pero no puede porque era demasiado grande. Woods saben que Tami, un amigo de Biko vive cerca, entonces lo busca. Tami lo trae en coche al Puente de Telle, cuando Woods quieren abrir la puerta, hay un Land Rover delante de él. Por suerte el hombre, llamado Moisés, era del servicio postal lleva a Woods a Maseru. En la estación de pasaporte él no tiene ningunos problemas, entonces él se va a Lesotho sin más problemas.

Allí él rápidamente telefonea a su familia. Moisés trae a Woods al punto donde él encuentra a Bruce, que lo lleva a Maseru (Lesotho), donde él se dirige al alto comisionado de interpretación británico para pedir entrar en su país. La próxima mañana la familia de Woods también llega en Lesotho. La familia entera consigue pasaportes de las Naciones Unidas y vuela con un piloto privado, quien esta autorizado para volar sobre Sudáfrica sin aterrizar. Woods se sintio un poco triste cuando él ve su patria porque él nunca podría verlo otra vez. Pero él era también feliz, porque él publicará su libro y mostrará las ideas de Biko al mundo entero. Él espera que las mentes de la gente pudieran ser el cambio, antes de que el precio se haga demasiado alto. En su mente él oye la muchedumbre de miles cantando en el entierro de Biko

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