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Cuban Essays


The Influence Cuba Government And Media

Cuba is one of the most isolated nations in the world. This is not because of poor geography as the island sits ninety miles from the Floridian peninsula; it is due to the fact that its government controls virtually all

Cuban Missile Crisis: a Foreign Policy Analysis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was an exceptionally significant event in history that became the closest confrontation leading to a possible nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. This thirteen-day confrontation’s major occurrences will be analyzed by the

Investment in Cuba

Introduction With the reign of the country’s long serving communist leader, Fidel Castro almost coming to an end, Cuba is set to become a world major commercial center in the near future. Hopes are high that United States and other

Informative Speech on Cuba

Cuba has had a very unfortunate history. Becoming communist was not the best choice in order for them to achieve success as a country. In simple terms communism is the belief that everything belongs to “the community”, so people own

The Fulgencio Batista

Introduction Long ago, Cuba experienced so much social chaos during the years stretching from the 193’s towards the 1950’s. This particularly happened because of the emergence of the dictatorial reign of Fulgencio Bautista over the government of the said country. 

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis is defined as a confrontation that occurred between three states that is the government of the United States, the Government of the Soviet Union and the government of Cuba this event was observed as a situation

The Cuban Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis is of a singular kind: the world has never witness any other like it.  Though it happened at a time when the flames of the Second World War were just dying out and the cold war

The Role Played By Women In The Cuban Revolution

The Cuban revolution entered the world arena in 1959 when a small group of guerrillas and urban insurrectionists overthrew the dictatorship of General Fulgencio Batista. Thereafter a series of economic and social reforms were launched which indicated that the goal

America's Cuban Conundrum

The Helms-Burton Act has become one of the most controversial and widely discussed international legislation in decades. The resistance from the Cuban government about the features of the Helms-Burton legislation is a clear affirmation of the legitimacy of property claims

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