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As time continues to pass by, our world inevitably changes with it. Generations come and go, each having values, attitudes and lifestyles within individuals that separate them from other generations. This gap between the old and young people has been slowly growing, thus beginning to cause a drastic shift in this modern age. Cultural changes are apparent from generation to generation through the evolution of appearance, relationships and mannerism.

Social trends, media and culture have been a constant influence in the behavior and views of people. For that reason, the importance of appearance has been a strong unchanging element in one’s lifestyle. Before in the older days, people had dressed conservatively. It was to show respect and hold a sense of dignity. In an individual’s overall presentation from fresh clothing to their polished shoes, the previous generations dressed “traditional in style or manner” that had “avoid[ed] novelty or showiness” (Dictionary). People followed the norm and rules of being conservative. However, this perspective of appearance in people has changed today. The way that people dress leans towards a more independent attitude, as seen when they have a tattoo, dyed hair in an untraditional color, or a body piercing in a place other than their ear lobe. Culture, along with media, create a different set of values that differ in each generation.

Another change within the generations had been how different relationships have progressed in both dating and marriage. Back in the day, dating had been a tradition of courtesy and gentlemen-like manners, such as the man paying for the meals and opening the door for a Reyes lady. People during that time had wanted to settle down and get married with the idea of living happily in a house with a picket fence. However, the way that relationships work nowadays has greatly changed. In our advancing world, technology has been incorporated into the game of dating in forms such as online dating websites and messaging. The pace of meeting people, dating and being in a relationship has quickened, yet the rate of marriage had veered drastically compared to generations before. “This decline is especially notable for young adults: 20% of 18- to 29-year-olds were married in 2010, compared with 59% in 1960.”

One other distinct change is mannerism, like one’s language and common courtesy viewed in today’s world. Social skills and behavior are a reflection of one’s environment and how they were raised, however this also is based on their generation. In the past, language had been a way to portray one’s education and etiquette, which were both looked upon closely and carefully. Politeness had also been an unspoken requirement in society, being a way of showing respect and civility towards one another. Today, however language has become more casual, even to a point where swear words are easily added into conversations. Some say that “chivalry is dead”, and it is true in some ways. It is rare to see every man constantly opening doors for others and in a world of feminists, both men and women tend pay for the meals equally.

Cultural changes are apparent from generation to generation through the evolution of appearance, relationships and mannerism. The gap between generations continues to widen, creating different perspectives, behaviors and values striking a distinct difference between individuals. With the world changing with time, the people in it change as well, but also learning the values and morals from generations before them

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