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Cultural scene or in other words social situation refers to information that is shared among different people based on their experience. There are various cultural scenes across the world such as religious celebrations, rituals, and certain belief in the society. My experience of a cultural scene was based on the society beliefs on the role of women. Women in the Middle East region face oppression, discrimination, violence in their places or work and society and their education. Most societies are dominated by men who control and dictates how women the lives of women. Hence, this paper analyses the position of women in Middle East and their current advancement to counter the problem.

It has been observed that most countries in Middle East are repressive and fails to give women equal rights as men (Ward, 2008). The share beliefs that women are inferior and thus they should serve below men. This has resulted to societies that are dominated by men (Napier, & Majhanovich, 2013). In my own experience, I found that most societies in Middle East fail do not encourage women to get quality and higher education. As a result, most women have acquired poor or no education at all while men continue to get quality education. Consequently, women socioeconomic status has decreased from one community to another. The fact that few women have gone to school continues to worsen the situations. However, the few who have benefited to get education from other regions such as western countries have shown great differences and sometimes have been found fighting for their rights in the society.

Low socio economic status of women in Middle East has been attributed to lack of proper education and discrimination in work place. Few women who have managed to bit the odds and secure ‘male-oriented’ jobs in management and other senior positions. This has seen majority women living in poverty, lacking financial strength in the society, and thus leaving the men to make all the financial decisions and other major roles in the community. This trend seems not to have a recent solution unless women are empowered so that they can identify their rights and fight for them.

From my experience, this cultural scene can be eliminated in societies if women will accept to take their roles to fight for their rights through various avenues such as getting quality education from within and outside Middle East. Moreover, the government can empower women power providing educational scholarships and enacting laws that encourages equal treatment of women in the societies. Empowering women in Middle East Region will limit discriminations in work places, schools and the large communities and thus changing the cultural belief that women are inferior to women and that man should dominate in the society (Napier, & Majhanovich, 2013).


              From this cultural scene analysis, it was found that Middle East culture discriminate against women by their beliefs that women are inferior people in the communities. This has led to discrimination in the region education system, which has resulted in their poor socioeconomic status. Both men and women can eliminate the cultural scene in the society through women empowerment programs. In addition, the government can play a critical role in eliminating this negative cultural experience by empowering omen through provision of scholarships to study in both Middle East and western countries.


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