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Cultural beliefs have restricted people on definite form of life where any deviations to it results in conflicts (Napier, & Majhanovich, 2013). My experience of a cultural scene that I observed was a marital dispute where a man had accused his wife of taking their young daughter to school. The man believed that women should not get education because it was male oriented. It was after the man had noted a kind of a school uniform in the house that the man went mad and started a fight. Most women in Middle East fail to educate their female children from their cultural beliefs that women should remain at home doing household chores and other domestic duties (Ward, 2008). This is one of the oppression, violence, and discriminations that female face in the Middle East region. Men control and dictate the lives of women and they dominate in most societies. Hence, this paper analyses the marital dispute that was observed in one of the local homes in Middle East that expresses the oppression and discrimination of women.

As I was walking along the streets of my city, I encountered a couple that had engaged in a heated argument and I was interested to know what was happening from the fact that I have a great interests on issues pertaining to women. As I approached the scene, people had started to gather from the neighbourhood and other passersby. Finally, there was a small crowd. The couple irrespective of the crowd that had gathered continued to exchange bitter words where the man was accusing his wife of disrespect and dishonour. Since it was hard to get the root cause, I decided to inquire from some people who seemed knowledgeable about the situation and were sharing it to other people who I believed they were their neighbours. From the conversation, I learn that the wife had shifted her daughter to one of the relatives where she could go to school and come home late in the evening without her father’s knowledge. The scheme was successful for about two years but something unusual had brought the home into a stand still. The man felt that the woman had made a decision that was beyond her expectations in the society. In addition, it was against the society’s belief that women should get education and be engaged in same duties as men.

The artefacts portrayed in this cultural scene include family values, cultural beliefs, education in the community. In this scene, cultural beliefs are the women should not have the same responsibility as men, which is evidenced by denial of their education. Family values are the expected norms that a family set and the expectation of the community. The marriage has their own values that they followed and one of them was that man should be respected and honoured and his decisions not provoked. As a result, the women had decided to educated her daughter from her relatives place in order not provoke the decision of the man. In addition, education in the community was meant for male children and this is why the dispute erupted.

In my own, the dispute emerged because of community beliefs that the people in the society had already prescribed to and were bound by them. This was an evidence of oppression and discrimination of women in the Middle East society. Women continue to suffer in most communities due to poorly developed cultural beliefs. Men and women should be treated equally and this can only be made possible if people are going to enlighten the community about the issue. For this cultural scene to happen, the family should be fully aware of the cultural beliefs that related to educating women in the society. In addition, the couple should be aware of family values and what one is expected by the society. In this scene, man is more inclined on conservative society while the wife is inclined on postmodern society.


              Cultural beliefs have restricted people on definite form of life where any deviations to it results in conflicts. Women education is one of the cultural beliefs that are considered by many cultures in Middle East as unworthy. This was evidence by a cultural scene where I observed marital conflict because the wife had opted to educate their daughter without the knowledge of the husband. The result was marital dispute that was based on various artefacts such as family values, women education, marital disputes, and position of women in the community. From my own perspective, this was due to poor cultural beliefs that people continued to follow.


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