Culture and Self Identity Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

A person’s culture is greatly affected by where they live, and their religion. Based on the four interviews, they do not practice traditional formalities in their daily interactions. They only wear traditional clothing during special occasions. They are usually clothed in casual wear- an influence of the western culture. The festivals they celebrate are purposed to strengthen family ties and to pay respects to their respective Gods. This shows that no matter what culture or religion you practice, the importance of family and the presence of God is significant. Furthermore, the free flow of ideas, thoughts and knowledge due to globalisation has brought the issue of gender discrimination to a minimum. The world has acknowledged that women are capable and they deserve to be able to compete fairly against the men. As a result, women are treated eq

ually in all matters. This is proven as we can see women playing important roles in the world today.

A good example is Julia Gillard, prime minister of Australia. She is an exemplary role model for women across the world. A person’s culture affects his self-identity greatly. No matter where he goes, his culture is embedded in him.

The way he presents himself, behaves and acts towards other people are all as a result of his culture. However, a person’s culture does evolve. Culture itself is always evolving and changing, depending on the place, the environment and the community in which a person is a part of. Very often, a person’s identity consists of different cultures combined together. The traditional nationality, religion and community culture all come together to form a unique blend that makes a person who they are. Culture and self-identity are two lines that run very closely to each other, almost touching, but different in their own ways. Culture definitely plays an important role in shaping ones identity. Everyone knows about culture, but when required to put it into words, the depth and complexity that culture stands for cannot be expressed and understood thoroughly merely by a few words. The road to self discovery requires a lot of reflection and soul searching. Only then will one be able to understand the impact of culture in the shaping of your thoughts that leads to the decisions you make and the actions you take and towards the road of defining your identity.

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