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Introduction of TOPIC

If I was visiting and studying the Yanomamo I would have went in with an open mind and tried to adapt to their way of life as well as I could. I do not think there is really a sufficient way to prepare yourself for a culture shock because you will always go in the situation without knowing everything about that culture. For instance my sister in law explained to me what it was like on her cruise to Jamaica and how the culture and the atmosphere was so different and how I would really enjoy myself as well as how I would relate to the Jamaican culture. I finally decided to go with her last year, on the ship it was so relaxing. When we got to Jamaica we went on a tour around the different areas. I saw the p

oor neighborhoods, which were also considered the middle class and the wealthy neighborhoods. In the

poor neighborhoods these people lived in shacks made out of tin and old wood, with fishing line between each shack to dry their clothes.

These homes were on the side of the mountains. Then the wealthy lived in luxurious homes made of brick and bright colors. The yards were landscaped so beautifully and were gated. I almost cried when I seen how the poor people lived apposed to the wealthy, there was really no middle class it was either dirt poor or rich. I was not prepared at all for the horrific things I saw in this culture and I know there is nothing I could have done to prepare myself for this encounter.

However, it is important to understand different cultures and having an open mind will help you do so. After some research of my own, I realized that because of the terrain, the resources, and the lack of employment opportunities these people were limited on their living situations. The wealthy individuals were owners of what little companies they had and paid their employees little to nothing. Also the laws are different; there are not any laws that give these working individuals the right to fair pay. I still enjoyed myself once I got back onto the ship but I was even happier when I made it home, to know that we have laws set in place to protect us from unfair treatment.

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