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Cultures Essays


Divine Roles Across Cultures

  Select one common divine role that recurs in world mythology. Possible options of divine roles include the following: father or mother divinities, divinities of war, home or hearth divinities, divinities of love, divinities of wisdom, divinities of medicine or

High-Low Context Culture

The two terms, low context and high context are used in a society to give description of the broad-brush cultural differences. Let’s describe each term independently. Low context is where people in a society have several connections but short lived,

Culture and Attribution

Abstract Different individuals attribute the events that happen to them in life differently. Some people attribute life events and experiences to their character and personality. Others attribute the events and experiences in their lives to the situations surrounding the occurrence

The Different Gestures in Different Cultures

Body language, which of course gesture is a vital part, is important in communication. It may or may not be accompanied by spoken language, and just as language varies from culture to culture so does the language of gestures. Some

Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet is a film based on a book that accounts the real experiences of the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer in Tibet during seven years. From 1946 to 1952. As a student of intercultural communication, the purpose of

Informative Speech: April Fools Day

I. Most of us know April 1st as a lighthearted day where it is acceptable to play silly jokes and try to fool your friends, but few know what April Fools Day is really about and why such an usual

Palliative Care Needs of Ethnic Minority Patients

An article titled “The Palliative Care Needs of Ethnic Minority Patients: Staff Perspectives” discussed the palliative care staff’s perceptions of multicultural care provision and explored the barriers and facilitators to culturally sensitive care. This was a qualitative study done with

Youth Subculture

Youth Subcultures In other cultures, the transition from childhood to adulthood is more clearly marked with no period of ‘youth.’ In some cultures, individuals may undergo a ‘rite of passage’ (a social event or ceremony) to indicate their new status.

Tourism and Culture

1. Culture and Tourism 1.1 Definition Culture comprises of “the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society” (1). Through culture, people discover their true identity, adapt to social norms and play

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