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Current Issues in Hospitality Essay Sample

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Current Issues in Hospitality Essay Sample

In this report I am going to research how healthy eating affects the hospitality industry. I will use a number of different research methods to see how much my issue has changed the industry. I will also state why I chose this issue and will justify my reason for my topic. Within this report I will describe the 7 different types of research I will use;

•Action research
•Primary sources of information
•Secondary sources of information
•Qualitative data
•Quantative data

And in depth state the advantages and disadvantages of these different research methods.

Healthy Eating
In the recent decade it has come to the country’s attention that our nation is getting obese and getting obese younger, so the government has made it there key priority to get the nation eating healthy. One of the biggest ways they were able to do this is to tackle the main source, the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry supplies food to schools, hospitals, organisations and many more as well as supermarkets and restaurants. The government came down very hard on the hospitality industry to stop the fast food nation and get us to eat healthier; they tried to do this in many ways such as

•TV adverts
•TV programs
•Public speakers
•Celebrity speakers

I chose my topic as healthy eating because I think it has had a major impact on the hospitality industry, the industry has had to change in almost every detail to accompany the new healthy eating regulations and it hasn’t only affected the big companies but also the small family run businesses. It is such a large issue that affects almost every caterer out there.

Intervention is when you intervene within the research you are carrying out. You get involved within the group so you understand what its like to be within the group and get a feel for it. However when doing this your results could be bias or affected because the person intervening got to carried away, also the group you’re observing could act differently as they know someone in doing research within the group.

Non-intervention is when you purely observe a group from the outside; you don’t get involved with what they are doing. The advantages is you wont get carried away with the research and it wont be bias at all however, with non-intervention you don’t understand what is really going on inside the group.

Action research
Action research is creating primary data either Qualitative or Quantative, its primary data so you can trust what it said in it and I can be repeated, by you. However there is no back up to this study and it is time and resource consuming.

Primary sources of information
Primary sources of information are information that you have collected yourself. The information is guaranteed because you collected it yourself, can cover a wide area/sample size.

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