Customer Essays


Development of Online Customer Service

1. Introduction Super Deal Electronics is a medium sized company with twenty-eight retailing stores that sell all types of electronics, computer solutions, software, peripherals, accessories and consumables in New Zealand. The company also has developed a good website where customers

The Personal Selling

Consumer protection act (1987). This act relates to prices of products and the safety for customer you have to ensure. For example that customers cannot be mislead about prices of products as this is known as misleading customer and false

What Are a Customer and why are they Important?

A customer is defined as someone who pays for goods or services from another individual, business or organisation. Customers are extremely important to the world’s financial system because without them businesses will fail to make money which will result in

Total Quality Management

Abstract Total Quality Management is one of the most important and exciting new fields of study in the science of business management. It has been initially conceived in the 50’s. It has not been really recognized for its real importance

What is Customer Service?

Many business organisations have different definitions of customer service. For example, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, “Customer Service is what your business delivers to achieve customer satisfaction”. Another example is, according to the ACA Group, “Customer service is

Customer Service

Introduction For this section on task one, I shall be identifying a business, on where I can explain and investigate how the company uses its customer service policies. The business that I have chosen is Waitrose, because I believe that

Customer Service in the Leisure Industry

Introduction to customer service Excellent customer service is the biggest and least expensive favour you can do yourself and your business. To stay viable, any business depends on both new customers and on repeat customers. The old adage that “the

Customer Service in Travel and Tourism

P & O keep a database of the customers who have used the service each individual booking would have a record number; this is then used if they need to track a booking. The records are also paper based, when

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