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Customers Service Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There are many needs of customers, everywhere you go and anything you do customers are needed – It varies from internal and external customers. Some of the major customer services are restaurants, retail stores, and manufacture companies. Many of these companies or stores need to understand the customers to be successful.

Customer services in restaurants need to stress to the importance of keeping customers. For example, in the article, “Poor Customer Service: More Costly Than You Think” (Krummert), states that external customers are expecting to get good value with the tight economic environment. I think that restaurants need to be more creative with implementing reasonable prices on their menu. In fact, some waiters are overworked and end up giving a negative responds to customers – this causes customers not to return. However, if the service is good but the food is a little bit more then expected – the customer service will keep on bringing customers back.

tyle="text-align: justify;">As for retail stores, customers are just as important. I have experience

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many negative customer service in the retail industry. For instance, while I was browsing around Nordstrom I was going back and forth from the front in the back (this is a bad shopping habit, but I can never decide what I want). As I was walking around the third time a lady came up to me and asked me, if she can help me look for anything and I said, no thank you – I am just browsing. Within 5 minutes she approached me again and I said no again. However, she didn’t leave me she was looking at me as if I was going to steal something, so I went up to her and asked her what her problem was and that she is making me feel really uncomfortable. She grasped and said sorry. In Nordstrom’s customer service policy states: Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service (Stansberry). Unfortunately, this was not the case – Nordstrom just lost a customer.

In the manufacture industry you work with more with both internal and external. I work in an Aerospace company and I am in the Customer Support department. I think I work with more internal vs. external customers. In fact, in order to keep external customer you have to understand the customer’s needs and by understanding you have to know the importance of gaining a good relationship with internal customers.

All and all customer service is needed everywhere. Customers want to be understood and feel important, so we are all here to do that.

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