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Nowadays, cyber bullying is ubiquity in everywhere. To Cyber bully is to use social networking technologies and deliberatly send out threats and hostile feeling or behavior by an individual or groups to harm people. That inlcudes to harass or intimidate people by using communication technologies, like sending of incessant messages through usage of Internet to post text or images to embarrass and hurt people. In most cases, cyber bullies may create fake account or impersonation to comment, post videos and publish materials which will defames victims. By hiding behind the screen, they present things through Internet that can be verbally abbusive to victims without thinkin about the consequences Thus, there are some serious consequences of cyber bullying victimization. Example: victims may increase suicidal ideation, self-abusement and others. But the most common outcome is when victims are hurt or harassed by cyber bullies, then after they start avoiding others. Basically they just shut themselves up from the society. In addition, victims also becomes more emotional, as they tend to get angry easily, depressed and fearful. They always feel insecure even when they are at home.

Therefore, it will affect their earnings, safety and employment if they cannot focus on what they do. Cyber bulling has no limits, children and adults can both be victims. For children, they tend to get hurt deeper from cyber bullying. First, they will feel inferior and then after, avoid friends and activities. It will affect their studies and might even go into depression. In addition, it will also affect the safety and well-being of the student. But one of the damaging effects is increase in cases of suicide because of cyber bullying. That is why we see frequent cases in newspaper or television. In sum, to solve these problems, we can prevent these consequences by teaching students to respect each other and take a stand against bullying. “Prevention is always better than cure”.

Hence, the role of the teacher is very important, teachers and elderlies need to educate the current generation so that they would understand what are the right things to do in the future. Moreover, teachers should tell students some basic knowledge about Internet. Example: Do not post your real personal information to the website which you didn’t trust. Parent also need a good communication with their children, giving them some advice and correct their mistake. In contrast, advising is no longer effective to adults because they have their own mentality to what’s correct. So we have to giving severe punishment to adults who make these mistakes though Laws. In conclusion, if we are pursuing to an overall sense of well-being and happiness life, we need to stop cyber bullying now.


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