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•Sort out as many of the visible quality problems as you can, as well as downtime and other instability problems, and get the internal scrap acknowledged and its management started. •Make the flow of parts through the system or process as continuous as possible using workcells and market locations where necessary and avoiding variations in the operators work cycle •Introduce standard work and stabilise the work pace through the system. You should also measure the work output per worker and establish productivity standards so that you will be able to calculate your manpower requirement as a function of production volume. This has implications for your HRM plans which are nowhere evident. •Start pulling work through the system, look at the production scheduling and move toward daily orders with kanban cards •Even out the production flow by reducing batch sizes, increase delivery frequency internally and if possible externally, level internal demand •Improve exposed quality issues using the tools

•Remove some people (or increase quotas) and go through this work again (the Oh No !! moment) 2. Consider the 4V’s leading to a greater customer orientation – quality again

3. Make purchasing subservient to planning and control – Work out how you will forecast output as it relates to demand. Then use this as a driver of materials requirements – not full MRP, but an ABC stock classification and careful ordering of high value components and assembly manufacturing

4. Staffing and productivity issues – cross training to reduce dependency on key staff

5. Pay and conditions. You gave everybody what % rise last year????

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