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Cyrano de Bergerac Essay Sample

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Cyrano de Bergerac Essay Sample

The word love has many different understandings Cyrano De Bergerac Is no exception taking a unusual approach to It. Coined a “tragic hero” Cyrano faces complicated twist of fate. Roxane, the main object of both Cyrano’s and Christians love is the beginning of what turns out to be a difficult love triangle. Although some might feel that Cyrano is manipulative regarding his love for Roxane, it is actually Roxane who causes the most harm because she prompts heartbreak in Cyrano, Christian and herself.

Cyrano’s character is persuasive towards the people he loves ut Is much less dramatic than Roxane. Cyrano Is looked at as the hero for the majority of the story. His actions and thoughts are graceful In his everyday life; he has a witty personality and a very sharp sense of humor to charm anyone. Being a gifted poet and loving at heart makes what to come later on a more complicated love story. Cyrano portrays a generous and helpful friend to Christian, which turns out to be the start of an array of trouble and hurt for all the characters involved (Besser).

Cyrano, having such a big nose and believing himself to be ugly, uses Christian as a essel In a way to project his love for Roxane. The only problem Is that Its Christian that Is reaping all the benefits as the words Christian speaks are none other than Cyrano’s. “The film’s greatest strength is unquestionably its exploration of the darker side of the personality behind Cyrano’s famous panache. ” (West) Cyrano tries his best to portray honor, and valor, however because of his stubbornness he refuses to see that it only hurts people.

Although Cyrano and Christian are in love with the same woman, Roxane is in love with Christian; making the love Cyrano feels hard to express ntil he decides to help Christian with his words as he Is unable to speak to Roxane without looking and sounding Incapable of romance. He tries again to prove to himself that he has the highest degree of panache and therefore helps Christian. However this creates even more complication.

Every word Christian says to Roxane is Cyrano’s, creating Cyrano’s manipulative act of love; he convinces Roxane that Christian is the one with the beautiful metaphors and grace in his voice resulting Roxane’s love for a poetic Christian (Besser). Whenever Christian portrays his real ersonality Roxane does not wish to act romantic towards him. the film’s greatest strength is unquestionably its exploration of the darker side of the personality behind Cyrano’s famous panach Christian who believes Cyrano is helping him as an act of good will falls completely dependent on Cyrano to appease Roxane.

Towards the end of the story, the truth about Cyrano’s love is exposed as it all comes very clear to Christian (Besser). Knowing this information could change everything, Christian Insists that Cyrano tell the truth to Roxane. Cyrano being “tragic herff’ haracter that he Is, tells Christian what he wants to hear before his last breath, Cyrano not only manipulated Christian’s words but also what Christian wanted in life- Roxane. By telling Christian that lie before his death, he made sure Christian died with honor and respect in the eyes of Roxane and himself.

On the other hand, Roxane is the main obsession in this love triangle and indirectly influences the choices of Cyrano and Christian. Roxane’s character portrays a beautiful woman states she is in love with Christian, thus causing Cyrano to “help Christian seem more esirable than Just his looks”. (West) Roxane is straight forward in what she wants and ultimately gets it, making her demanding with everything she pursues. Her demanding characteristic results in a wedding which she planned, simply by forging a letter and of course Christian agrees.

During the battle much to everyone’s surprise, Roxane arrives at the battle field to further complicate Christian’s and Cyrands lives. She gives Christian the worst news he could possibly hear, as she tells him that after reading those letters (from Cyrano signed as Christian) that she loves Christian’s inner self above all else and later basically says that she would love him even if he was ugly. This contradicts completely what she says to Cyrano early on when she first reveals who she is in love with, stating Christian is young, courageous, and handsome.

Roxane, first in love with someone who is handsome, to what seems to be the last attribute on her mind, in directly influences dramatic and life changing decisions taken by Christian and Cyrano. Eventually because of her influential character, Roxane not only loses her husband who she thinks is her true lover, but also Cyrano at the end of the play. Roxane influences the feelings felt, the words exchanged and her life after losing her love – twice.

Ultimately, both Cyrano and Roxane were punished with their approaches to love and happiness. Cyrano gets Roxane before his last moments of life but dies, never telling her the truth about Christian, and most importantly his feelings. Roxane is also punished by finding out the truth moments before it’s too late to change anything, resulting in losing Christian and Cyrano. Roxane, being more manipulative than anyone she encounters, pays the price and tragically ends this complex love triangle.

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