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D-Day Essay Sample

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D-Day Essay Sample

D. Day Silas Hanegraaf The commendable victory of the D-day invasion was due to an important location; this location neutralized the Nazi army because the Allied powers had many supplies stored in Great Britain to prepare for the attack. D-day proved to be one of the most powerful invasions in history since it was a monolithic turning point of World War II. D-day proved to be important because of the outstanding overtaking of Omaha Beach and the massive death toll that occurred on that monumental day.

The D-day invasion or also known as the Operation Overlord that occurred on June th, 1944, was an invasion that was prepared for with much training to stop Germany from gaining any more power in Europe. Back in June of 1941, the Germans attacked the Russians. However, the Russians didn’t counteract until December. The attack the Russians gave in December was not their full attack because they did not want to take on Germany alone, so they made Allies with America and Britain.

Before the Allies could plan an invasion against the Germans, they had to enroll a supreme commander, which took months to do. The chosen commander was General Dwight D. Eisenhower by British generals. The plan by the commander was to liberate Western Europe, and the first move to do this was the invasion, but the debate was between whether to attack Normandy or Calais. What brought this choice to a conclusion was that Germany expected Americans to attack on Calais because of the amount of suffering there, so America instead, attacked Normandy on D-day.

All the planning of this strategic part in World War II needed great focus to accomplish, and these men who set this invasion towards Normandy should be admired for their ccomplishment. (Drez, 2004) The British and American invasion of France was to depart from the ports in the South of England. D-day was actually chosen for the date of June 5th but was postponed to the later day on June 6th because of rough seas “D- day occurred June 6, 1944. The battle lasted till August 25th, 1944 when Paris was liberated by the Allied troops” (“D-day information,”).

The American army proved its power by liberating other countries through these beginning obstacles of D-day. Some Americans had an emotional advantage, and more of a reason to fght being hat their pay was substantial “The ordinary American soldier had nearly 5 times as much higher pay than his British counterpart” (Sheehan, 2003). America gave each individual soldier a respected amount of pay then other countries, due to the sacrificial duty of each soldier. Therefore, this demonstrated how much America cared for these soldiers on D-day, by providing America’s respect to their soldiers to be invading Normandy.

Allied countries involved in the attacks on the Normandy beach proved to be tactical to the start of World War II. There were many countries hat allied with Americans in the invasion to stop the Nazi forces and to stop an uprising of dictatorship to occur. “The Allied countries involved were Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom, and The an impact on all of the countrys generations to come because of the soldier’s hardships.

Quickly, the soldiers were organized and transported on June 6th to invade Normandy beach. “Within three months, two million Allied troops had landed and were fghting there was across France, headed for Germany’ (Miller, 2009). Millions of families left behind were now left hoping for their troops to not only conquer Germany and liberate Europe but to stay healthy and alive. America’s countless Allied troops showed their courageous acts on D-day and at Omaha Beach, to give America their future victory.

Not knowing the devastation that laid ahead of themselves, these brave soldiers boarded the planes and ships that morning; this would change their lives forever. The planes of The United States to attack France had 13,000 total paratroopers on both the 101st and 108th divisions headed toward Nazi occupied France “Of the 6,600 en in the 101st who Jumped into Normandy on D-day, 1,250 were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner” (Miller, 2009). Although there were many paratroopers that were lost, the majority of them were successful and helped America to become victorious in its invasion.

Not only were American troops brought to Normandy beach for the invasion, but several of the Allied countries helped the invasion, “Along the coast of Normandy, where nearly 200,000 American, British, and Canadian forces transported by 5,300 ships, boats, and amphibious landing craft participated in the largest nvasion by sea in the history of the world” (Drez, 2004). With the greatest amount of troops being brought by ships, compared to any other invasion, this invasion is one of the largest turning points in history for the world.

The amount of troops brought together by the Allied countries is the most soldiers ever brought in one day to invade one beach with only a Sixty-mile arc. (Miller, 2009) The invasion of Normandy Beach, known as Operation Overlord was strategically planned, and the outcome of the invasion were credible since the Allies had succeeded. Some of the Allies, including America, invaded Normandy beach to surprise the Germans and came out victorious, “In total, 156,000 troops landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and around 2,500 were killed.

Until that day, most of the soldiers had never experienced war or seen a dead body’ (Sheehan, 2003). Young boys were forced to become men within a few hours of extreme trauma through the hardship of the invasion. The Allied forces hoped to be able to invade Normandy beach at the same time to finish the invasion thoroughly, “The invasion began at 6:30 a. m. due to the ay the tides come ashore along the Normandy coast, the attacks on the various beaches could not be launched at the same time” (Drez, 2004).

Forces to this invasion would have been stronger if the weather had been better, but because of the weather, the Allies had fewer soldiers out in the battlefield to help invade. Operation Overlord was successful, but it was flawed by the weather causing the invasion to last much longer than intended; however if the weather had been favorable, the invasion could have been executed more strongly and efficiently. (Drez, 2004) When the news f the invasion reached Germany regarding the attacks, counteracts were slowly put to action.

Hitler’s men were startled by the news of the invasion on the morning of June 6th,”At 10 a. m. on June 6th, news of the Normandy landings reached Hitler’s headquarters, but no one wanted to inform him until after breakfast” (Sheenan, him the news of the invasion. The lack of port facilities on Normandy had the Germans believing it would not be a point of interest for an invasion “Germans began planning and building an artificial port that could be towed across the channel by iant sea tugs to Normandy after the beaches had been secured” (Drez, 2004).

Germany began to realize that when they thought they had the upper hand with their preparation, their plans began to back fire. Thanks to the American government and the Allies, they were able to outsmart the enemy, which lead to the triumph of Operation Overlord. Overtime the D-day invasion produced many casualties on each side, but the Allies proved to be substantial. America served efficiently to prove their victory over Germany and the soldiers who died for their country “The casualties for the Allied roops on D-day were 53,700 dead, 18,000 missing, and 1 55,000 wounded” (“D-day information,”).

Several casualties were great in number, but the Allies had only a third die of the ones who were able to return home to their families. Ally forces were each able to take out many Germans to help succeed in this invasion “For the German troops it was 200,000 dead, wounded, and missing as well as 200,000 captured” (“D- day information,”). The Allies’ soldiers captured Just as many Germans that they killed and wounded and from the captured Germans; they derived information that helped o win World War II.

The Allied troops had one of the most profitable outcomes in the invasion, which made D-day one of the most important events of World War II. Hitler’s last revenge on the Allies was The Battle of the Bulge. Although this battle was not a part of D-day, it came as a result of D-days acts. The Battle of the Bulge began six months after D-day on December 16th to try and break the alliance of America’s Allies, “Hitler had convinced himself that the alliance between Britain, France, and America in the Western sector of Europe was not strong and that a major attack and efeat would break up the alliance” (“The Battle of the Bulge,”).

This battle was one of the last major Nazi offensive move towards the Allies of World War II. Hitler had planned to launch missile attacks using three armies on the Allies that he thought would destabilize their accord, “Hitler believed that his forces would be able to surround and cut off Canada’s First Army, America’s First and ninth Armies, and Britain’s second Army’ (“The Battle of the Bulge’). Hitler’s plan was obviously quickly planned and not thoroughly executed, since he lost again and gained nothing due to is un-organization.

The Battle of the Bulge was one of Hitler’s final battles to take out the Allies towards the end of World War II, but he was yet unsuccessful. This battle strengthened the Alliances with America, since America fought through this battle until the end of the war with the Allies therefore their Alliance grew stronger. C)-day has proved that America along with its other Ally countries can stand together, fight together, and bring victory together, but not without respectable sacrifices.

A commendable victory of the D-day invasion established superior honor to American roops and its Allied troops. Great honor is due to the sacrificial acts of the countless soldiers who gave up their lives for the freedom that Americans have today. D-Day was an ingenious turning point of World War II. D-day proved to be of crucial importance because of the significant overtaking of Omaha Beach and the countless lives lost on that historic day.

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