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The best moment in my life was my childhood. When I was nine I used to visit my grandma every Sunday afternoons. There I played with my cousins until we got tired. Our favourite games were: hide and seek and tag. After , all my family used to eat out, especially pizza or French fries with sausages :salchipapas. On Saturday afternoons I used to skate and ride bicycles with my cousins in parks . In Christmas , my family exchanged gifts and participated in speech contests which were sponsored by one of my uncles, Eduardo. I really enjoyed those special moments which are unforgettable.

One of my hobbies is travelling. My first trip was when I was eleven, all my family travelled by car to Manizales, a Colombian city located in the centre of Colombia. It was an amazing experience , one day travelling with the whole family . So far, I have visited some countries such as; France, England, Spain, Germany and The United States. I like to meet people , learn languages, try food, know lifestyles, in other words, culture. Now , Im planning to spend Christmas in San Francisco. Ive never been there, and Im looking forward to that day.

How do I see myself in five years? Happy with a small family: two children. Also, I see myself as a teacher trainer working for a language institute. I forget to tell that I studied languages and I work as an English teacher for a private language institute .I would like to study more and more about teaching and learning a language in order to help my students everyday.

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