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My expectations when I first heard about the Dance 4 Peace seminar were jumbled. I figured that the possible scenarios would either be with us sitting on chairs while listening to a four-hour lecture or we would literally dance throughout the entirety of another symposium that we were supposed to adhere to for our CWTS 2. What surprised me when I attended the seminar was that everything was opposite of what I was initially thinking. With Mr. Primitivo “Prime” Ragandang III, Mr. George Agua Jr., Ms. Donna Ortega and Ms. Erica Rose Jeffrey, who came all the way from the United States of America, as facilitators, we learned of their goals, origin and their advocacy to promote peace through the means of unity, cooperation, creativity and the art of movements. We engaged in lively warm-up exercises, silent cheers, forums and highly-interactive games that helped us get to know each other and definitely helped build up the values I just mentioned. The Peacemovers, which the facilitators used to call themselves, were very enthusiastic on every activity and encouraged us all the way to the end.

All of us had our game faces on, so we eagerly and gladly participated on each one. I had a great time with my friends and I enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone had a grand time goofing around during the games and enjoyment could be seen on everyone. Through subtle movements, I learned that teamwork and creativity could be created. All in all, the Dance 4 Peace seminar was the best and most interactive seminar yet. The Peacemovers inculcated in us the true value of peace in this world, its benefits to every individual and the importance of unity and cooperation. The workshop was worth every second, opening new experiences with every activity and in the while teaching us that each of us can promote peace in our own little ways and actions.

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