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Dangerous Drivers Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Driving is the most important and careful skill, which can be performed on the roads. While driving, the rules and regulations are very important to follow, and it is safe. In the past 10 years many accidents have occurred due to dangerous driving skills. Dangerous drivers can be in three different categories, particularly impaired drivers, new drivers, and joy side drivers. While driving, it is every drivers responsibility to focus on roads conditions, signals, and signs. According to Canadian motor vehicle traffic collision statistics: 2009 ,“Serous injuries includes persons admitted to hospital for treatment or observation were estimated to 172,883 and 5 deaths per month” (Retrieved on may 30,2013http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173.htm#t7). Drivers should be careful while driving and they should also follow the rules and regulations so that everybody in the society will benefit from safe. First of all, impaired drivers are the most dangerous drivers causing accidents by drinking alcohol and taking drugs before get behind the wheel.

Beer or any other alcoholic beverage can impair your ability to drive safe. Dr. Adam quoted, “Alcoholic concentration of a blood can makes drivers fell asleep, so they cannot concentrate on driving in one lane” (3). In addition to alcohol, taking drugs can makes the drivers impaired. People suffering from a fever, head ache can take some drugs or medicines, and it can be unsafe while driving. Instead of taking drugs and driving, it is better to stay home and rest. Drowsiness can be just as dangerous as drugs make drivers sleepy, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Drivers are at high risk for sleep related crashes because they tend to stay up late doing homework, working part time jobs, or going out late with their friends. Alcohol and drugs will affect the skills needed to drive safely l

ike Assignment #1- Persuasive essay 2 alertness, the ability to concentrate, co- ordination, and the

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ability to react quickly.

Secondly, new drivers are also dangerous drivers because they are not as familiar with road rules and regulations as more experienced drivers. There are two kinds of new drivers, one is 16+ drivers who recently got their license to drive on the road and newly immigrated drivers from other countries. For most teens, getting a license is exciting and liberating. Sixteen to twenty year olds are less likely to use safety belts than any other age groups. Due to lack of experience on the road, they cause accidents, generally in the 1st six months of having a license. John William said, “It doesn’t matter if someone is a good or bad student; the teen is a new driver, he or she is at risk” (50). People who have immigrated from one country to another country are also new drivers. They are not familiar new with the road rules.

Since, the road rules vary from one country to another country resulting they can perform lots of mistakes while driving. They should take proper classes to know new rules and regulations. It takes time to learn driving skills to overcome all these new road rules. Finally, joy side drivers are the third most dangerous drivers. Teen drivers are more likely into this category. Speeding is the major cause of crashes among teens. Because of driving fast they exceed speed limits, it is hard to make turns at intersections, school zones, etc. Teen drivers crashes happen when a new driver has on or more teen passengers. Listening to high volume songs and radios and also causes accidents. This makes hard to hear sirens of ambulance, fire truck and police vehicles.

“Penalties for speeding can cost you up to $975.00, have your license taken away Assignment #1- Persuasive essay 3 and possible jail time”(Anderson 54). New drivers convicted for speeding will lose their license for six months. Due to fast driving, drivers that lose concentration while scanning the roads, and there is no possible way to make quick decision and may leads to accidents. Drivers who drives two wheelers have to be more careful as well as four wheel drivers who drives beside two wheelers.

Two wheelers can make quick turns where other drivers confuses and causes accidents. In brief, these three categories above are examples of dangerous who usually cause accidents. To avoid these accidents, parents can assist teens by gaining experience and become safer drivers through a variety of actions. Drinking alcohol, and taking drugs should not be confused before getting behind the wheel by the drivers completely. New drivers must be aware of road conditions, pedestrians, animals, kids, and co-drivers on the road so that everyone can be safely return home , if these three dangerous drivers drive carefully with rules and regulations.

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