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Daoism is a tradition that originated from native China, whose tenets have a philosophical, religious and ethical context. Daoism believes that Dao explains the existence of everything in the world; it is the reason for everything that exists. Daoists believe that Dao is the source of everything, and the path to heaven, earth and humanity. A critical reflection on the Daodejing shows that religion, virtue and philosophical content are the most significant aspects of Daoism. In a religious aspect, Daoism reflects on the Dao as having come on earth to enlighten humanity. With Dao as the ultimate aim of all existence, Daoists align their spiritual significance on the Daodejing by conforming to the deeper sense of truth (Dao De Jing 77). In a religious sense, Daoism enables people to live in the world without conforming to the corruption transcending from it.

In a philosophical connotation, Daoism presents man as an important aspect of the universe. The internal and external aspects of man operate under the same principles. According to Daoism, nature expresses itself through virtually, everything that exists. A critical reflection of the Dao depicts that though humans have different experiences, they are a reflection of the Dao (Dao De Jing 41). The ethical context of Daoism depicts that human beings have to separate themselves from selfishness and greed. Appreciating simplicity is a core ethical value advanced by Daoism. Achieving the state of high moral standards calls for man to identify with the Dao, it is a call for people to live in harmony and avoid any form of struggle for personal gain (Dao De Jing 61).


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