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Data Interpretation Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

My graph results show several different things. They are divided into 3 different groupings, Visitor Details, Activities at Box Hill and Management of Box Hill.

My Visitor Details graph shows that most people travel to Box Hill by car, with the least favourite form of transport being bicycle and motorbike. Also my results show that most visitors go to Box Hill less than twice a year. An interesting fact shows that no one visits Box Hill once a week. However, my data shows that people visit several times a week. Also, my results show that the most amounts of people per group were 3 and surprisingly 4 were the least amount. Another statistic in one of my graphs indicates that the majority of people take 45 minutes or more to arrive at Box Hill. The graph shows that the different time scalings were fairly evenly spread out. Infact 26% of people said that it had taken them 1-15 minutes and 16-30 minutes to get to Box Hill.

My Activities at Box Hill graphs show that most people come to Box Hill because they are after a short walk. My records also show that no one comes to Box Hill for a cycle. The majority of people seem to be after a short or long walk as 57% of people say so. Also, my data shows that the main attractions of Box Hill are the scenic views gathering 64%. Although the second most popular attraction only hits 24% there is a 19% difference between the peace & quiet and the next option. My results also show that both Refreshments and The National Trust Shop/ Visitor Centre were the most popular of facilities used. There is only a 2% difference between those two facilities. My data indicates that the most popular area of Box Hill used was the View Point claiming 36%. Other popular areas consist of the Donkey Green, the Whites and the Juniper bottom/top. Finally, 96% of people said that they didn’t take part in any special events held at Box Hill.

My Management of Box Hill graphs show that the main impact of visitors is the footpath erosion. Yet overcrowding wasn’t a big impact. Also, my data indicates that 91% of people used the parking facilities at Box Hill. My records also show that the most service wanted was more benches on walks, which tabled many more votes compared to litter bins. When asked about additions to Box Hill, 32% of people claimed they would like a caf. An intriguing fact was that not as many people wanted a children’s play area compared to the caf. A quite surprising figure was the 24% of people who wanted an orienteering route. Lastly, 100% of people said that they were happy with the management of Box Hill despite the fact that many people want additions and improvements.

I think why the most popular form of transport is car is because most people have cars and it’s easier than using another form of transport. The main reason why the least favourite transport is motorbike & bicycle is because it’s harder to go that way than in the comfort of your own car. Maybe why people visit several times a week rather than once

a week is because they live locally or they just have a great desire to come regularly because they

enjoy their time at Box Hill. I can understand 3 people being the most amounts per group because it’s a family type place and it’s a typical event for families to come and relax on a Sunday afternoon. People come for the comfort of other people in a place like this. Obviously why the majority of people take 45 + to arrive at Box Hill is because they either live far away or with Box Hill being so populated at times the traffic can be a huge time waster. But my results show that the time taken to arrive at Box Hill is very wide spread, which shows a mixture of things such as some people living far and close to Box Hill.

I myself am quite bemused by how noone comes to Box Hill for a cycle. What is more expected is that short & long walks are in demand. This is expected because Box Hill is a more peaceful place where you would just expect people to do things like walks. Unsurprisingly because of the nature of Box Hill the main attraction of Box Hill is scenic views. I can see where the people are coming from because its very peaceful and a family type thing where you can relax.

Also, peace & quiet was another unsurprising popularity because that’s what Box Hill is all about. Maybe why refreshments and the trust shop are extremely popular is because you can imagine that people will be very thirsty and hungry when the weather is very hot so they will look straight for the refreshments. Also, the trust shop is probably very popular because it holds varied interesting different items and historical parts of Box Hill that people would be very interested in such as rocks, historical pictures and so on. The main reason why the View Point is so popular is because it is of such a great view that people take such admiration for it. Finally, I think that the reason why 96% of people didn’t take part in special events is because they might have to go to work or they rather come at specified times such as every Sunday rather than turning up on weekdays when they have other things to do.

I have no reason as to why the main impact of visitors is footpath erosion yet overcrowding wasn’t a big impact. Maybe it just got eroded through a long period of years of constant people walking. The main reason why the parking facilities were well used is probably because the parking tickets are cheap and the parking facilities are of a good quality service. I think why more benches on walks were in demand because you can get tired on the walks, which are very popular, and might need a break. I also think that the reason why the caf was so popular is because it’s very relaxing and peaceful and all members of the family can take part in socialising rather than do activities specified for children for example children’s play area. I would also have to agree with everyone that said they were happy with the management of Box Hill because obviously by the visitors’ views the service and the quality of features at Box Hill must be excellent.

In conclusion, the majority of people seem very happy with the quality, service and package of Box Hill. From my results it’s proven that many groups of people come to Box Hill and many people often visit several times a week. Box Hill is extremely popular and has attractions that are admired. Not many people seem to be upset about any aspect of Box Hill; they would like some minor additions and improvements but on the general everyone is delighted about the way Box Hill is managed. Also, the visitors use the nature of Box Hill to their satisfaction such as picnics and so on. On the overall I get the feeling that everyone is impressed about every aspect of Box Hill.

Finally, I believe that Box Hill is a successfully managed Country Park. From what I have gathered there are signs of evidence that support this statement. I think that one main reason why this is a successfully managed Country Park is because they know how to attract people here because of the attractions here. These are things like scenic countryside/views, Amenity Area, Viewpoint, The Whites, Donkey Green, Juniper bottom/top and the Stepping Stones. There are a wide variety of activities and other attractions that are very popular. The positive response of improvements at Box Hill that people were after such as more picnic areas, litter bins and benches on walks show the desire that people want to make this place even more superb. Also, nearly everyone seems to be happy with the parking facilities which further shows that the management of Box Hill is successful if the public are happy with the facilities. And just to top it all off EVERYONE believes that it is well managed …… so they can’t all be wrong!

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