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Data Protection Act 1998 and Sense Essay Sample

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Data Protection Act 1998 and Sense Essay Sample

Understand the relationships between Teachers and other professionals in lifelong learning. C Summarise own responsibilities in relation to others professionals: At sense we keep quiet a few records, records at Sense are made in order to provide evidence that learning and teaching is taking place. This provides data that are used for evaluating that the budget is being spent wisely and as intended. It serves as a focal point for all organisations in case there are legal implications that might take place in the future. Sense keeps records such as daily logs, lesson plan, medication sheets, accident sheets, incidents sheets, behaviour forms and many more that related directly to day to day running of the resource centre. All of these records are under the data protection Act and are only allowed to be forwarded or given to people or organisations that are directly involved with the students and the organisation. Lesson plans, evaluations, achievements and expenses are the most important ones because these are the papers that we presents to OFSTED the learning skills council and social services to prove that budget allocated for students are given that value for money is taking place.

These records are also used for internal and external auditing which takes place on a yearly basis. Relevant records such as progress reports which is done on a six monthly basis for each student, these are then forward onto parents, guardians, house managers for residential students and in some cases to court hence there are students who are a ward of court. Paper work such as lesson plans are kept because they serve as the basis when making either six monthly or the yearly report for each students and without these lesson plan justifying report is very difficult. Also we use these to record the objectives they have achieved and to produce some new ones. Register is a record sense keeps. This record is to record if the students attend the day at collage, if not I have to record why. At the end of the six weeks to add up all the possible attendance, then the actual attendance. These records then go to social services. Challenging Behaviour incidents report form is done every time a student has a challenging behaviour, as this is a legal requirement at Sense, this improves understanding and aids assessment of the students if we don’t it could make the deaf blind person, me or others more vulnerable.

It can also be vital evidence of the need for staffing or fee increase. We also keep Medication Administration Records. (M.A.R, Sheets), these are to record what medication has been administrated. These are also used if a medication error has occurred. When I am at work my values of dignity and respect set are set out in Sense vision, statement clarify the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information, if myself or staff fail to do this it does not only infringe individual rights but may put people that use the service at risk whilst potentially damaging the good name of Sense and its staff. We all must remember not to disclose any information to any unauthorised person within or outside sense. If we did it could result in disciplinary action and may be considered as misconduct.

Because are students are adults they have the right to access their files, but is very rare as most of the students haven’t got the capacity to understand them. The job that I do we come in contact with other professionals When I am teaching I must always act in a professional way, I always listen to the staff I am working with, and take any ideas they have on board, I listen to the students and encourage them to make choices and respect the choice they have made even if it’s the wrong one. The staffs at sense always tries and work as a team and help each other, with session, objectives and most of all the students and each over

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