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What seems to be a major concern are the incidents of Insubordination, even though the total actions have shown a 59%( (215-135)/135) decrease over the 3 years the numbers are still big. On the other hand, Disorderly conduct incidents have increased by 32%( (28-19)/28) over the 3 years. The safety of both staff and students is increasingly being under threat with an increase of 45% and a high 74% for both staff and student assaults.

Referrals for disciplinary action that are violent such as knife incidents are mostly incited by Black males.

Insubordination makes it hard for the disciplinary action to be followed through for reported disciplinary incidents, the enrollment of black males went down over the 3 years and so did Insubordination total actions in office referrals. Bullying has been an epidemic over the years and it is quite shocking that there are not more bullying incidents recorded, however bully victims are more likely to keep this to themselves with the fear of being more bullied.

In school suspensions have subsided over the 3 years by 61% and this has seen a rise in out of school suspensions of 45% from 2004-2006, and this might be greatly due to safety concerns. Corporal punishment has decreased significantly over the 3 years. Alternative learning was only initiated for 2004-2005 of which it was solely black st

udents. Black male students are mainly given Corporal punishment and Out-of-School suspension

as a form of Disciplinary Action.

Black Females: Generally black female students have incidents of insubordination being reported and the most prominent form of disciplinary action taken against disciplinary incidents by black females is In-school suspension and seconded by Corporal punishment.

Black Males: According to the graph, the most prominent disciplinary incidents per 100 students are insubordination (being the one mostly standing out), student assault, staff assault and disorderly conduct. Black males are mostly responsible for all the disciplinary incidents on record. As previously stated above, corporal punishment and out-of-school suspension are the most prominent disciplinary actions taken against these incidents for black male students together with in-school suspension.

Hispanic Females: There is little to no disciplinary incidents reported on Hispanic females.
Hispanic Males: Most disciplinary incidents for Hispanic males are for insubordination but taking into account the total number of insubordination incidents it makes a small fraction.

White Females: White female students are mostly involved in incidents of staff assault for the 3 years under consideration. The most used form of disciplinary action taken against white female students is out of school suspension and corporal punishment over the 3 years.


Male students especially black male students from low income households are more prone to be involved in violent or aggressive behavior in school and referred for disciplinary incidents. This is mainly a result of what they are exposed to both at home and their communities. An extensive background check would have to be carried out on the students that are repeat offenders of disciplinary incidents. Investigate the kind of communities they come from, is there gang violence in those communities, are young males’ active members in those gangs, these are the type of questions that would need to be addressed by the investigation.

Investigate the history of their families, if there are any male family members close to the student that have been incarcerated. What is also very crucial is whether they have been exposed to domestic violence. Studies in the past have shown that children who have been exposed to violence tend to model the same behavior when they grow up.

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