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Data warehousing Essay Sample

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Data warehousing Essay Sample

Data warehousing – Report#1
Abdulkarim Alqahtani
https://www.tutorialspoint.com/dwh/dwh_data_warehousing.htmThis website provides many topics that relate to data warehousing, so in the lift section of this website, there are some topics that contain information of data warehousing. For example, DWH – concepts which gives a definition of data warehousing, and what can data warehousing do for users, also more details about advantages and disadvantages of data warehousing. In addition, on this websites there are DWH-OLAP, security, backup, Turing and testing that provide more instructions to lead the user to use right way when using data warehousing. Actuality, I mentioned few topics that exist on this website as there are important topics which have the relationship with data warehousing topic.
https://help.gooddata.com/display/doc/Data+WarehouseAs data warehousing needs to build, so there are some tools that can be used to build data warehousing for example data architecture which includes many topics such as data loading, data access. Therefore, this website illustrates the comprehensive guide to build the data warehousing, also provides project hierarchy that shows how the stages of data warehousing work. Also, this website illustrates how to work with data warehousing and data modeling and what are the benefits that can help the system to improve performance in the businesses intelligence.
https://www.cooladata.com/data-warehouseThere are many issues that probably happen to the system whether during building data warehousing or before building it, so this website provides solutions to avoid these issues to remain the system work successfully. In addition, providing some steps with more details which include determined the problem and some suggested solutions that can help to prevent the risks to the system. Also, this website ranks the steps that can use when data warehousing has any issue, and provide some examples that can describe some issues in data warehousing.
http://www.zentut.com/data-warehouse/In this website, there are two main sections that have a relationship with data warehousing first concepts which gives some information of definition, history and benefits of data warehousing. Also gives some instructions that used for data warehousing with an example which show the relationship and dimension between tables. The second section which is architectures of data warehousing, so in this section, there is a data mart which has definition and two kinds of data mart in data warehousing, and providing the difference between these kinds also providing some figures that show the processes of data warehousing for each kind.
https://www.attunity.com/solutions/data-warehousing/There are three sections in this website real-time data warehousing, agile data warehousing automation and data warehousing usage and workload analytics, so the user can find more details about data warehousing for example in the third section which is data warehousing usage and workload analytics illustrates how data warehousing impact to improve for the businesses intelligence and how it can help to increase the income in some organizations that depend on the data in most their businesses. Also, provides some recommendations that usually help to build data warehousing.
http://pelotongroup.com/what-we-do/enterprise-information-management/data-warehousing/This website describes some advantages that can help to improve the system which used data warehousing, and emphasize the benefits that observed during analyze the data by using data warehousing. In addition, provides some examples and moldings that shows how can data warehousing make perfect analyze for the data to easily make a good decision, also encourage people who have businesses to use data warehousing in their businesses because data warehousing technique support businesses intelligence.
https://learndatamodeling.com/blog/data-warehouse-concepts/ www.learndatamodeling.comIn learn data modeling website give basic concepts for data warehousing, and provides examples of source data for bank that have many customers with explanation how data warehousing help to service the customers and bank in short time. In addition, there is new a section that provides anything that related to data warehousing such as courses and training also there are some graphs that show the data warehousing architecture. Moreover, learn data modeling provides a tutorial for ETL which include some tools that used and some concepts of these functions.
www.wherescape.comWherescape is one of websites that offers services and designs for data warehousing, and provides customization which can customers build their data as they wanted during interfaces that provided in this website. In addition, Wherescape provides helping for companies and organizations that use IT in their business to develop and design the data to be easily to get information from multiple databases, and analyze these databases during data warehousing.
https://intellipaat.com/tutorial/data-warehouse-tutorial/The most popular in this website is learning of data warehousing, so there are many topics that can help to learn DWH technology ETL,BI and OLAP which have more deeply explanations in this website. In addition, there is DWH quality management which shows the effectiveness of data warehousing when use multiple storages of data also shows the ease to match the information for business people and decision making to improve the performance or predict any case that will happen in the future.
http://datawarehouse4u.info/This website is more focus in data warehousing and content a lot of staff which can give a good idea and learn about data warehousing, so there is an index in this website that has some topics of data warehousing such as ELT tools, process and OLTP vs. OLAP which this website shows the difference between them. In addition, there are business intelligence platforms which illustrate the importance of this technique in modern time and provides some solutions that used by successful companies such as Microsoft, IBM and SAS.

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