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In this report I will show how I created my own database so you can also create your own database following these simple steps that I will guide you through.

How to set a Drop down list:

How to set the primary key:

How to set the Input Masks:

How to set the Data Validation:


I have completed my tables now I need to make a relationship between them, we use relationships to link tables. This is done so that the details in the table can easily link up.

The purpose of a Relationships

The purpose of a relationship is to link tables together by a specific filed that consists in both tables.

I linked the “Costumers Details” table with the “Lending Details” by the “Account no”. This is called a one too many relationships because there could be only one “Account no” in the “Costumers Details” table per costumer but in the “Lending Details” table the same person can take as many loans as they like. I linked the other two tables by the “Loan ID” this was also a one to many relationship because each loan in the “Loans Available” table can have only contain one “Loan ID” while the “Lending Details” table can have several; this is because many people may open the same type of loan which contains its ID number.


Queries and Reports:

Simple Queries:

Finding the customer with the “Account number” 1:

Finding the customers with an Occupation:

Finding the customers which are male:

Finding the customer with a surname called (Khan):

Finding the customer with the “Loans Id” 1:

Finding the customer with the “Lending Id” 5:

Complex Queries:

And Query:

Finding the customer with the “Account number” 3 and who is also female:

Finding the customer with an occupation and also whose age is 21:

Or Query:

Finding the customer with an age of 21 or a postcode beginning with “BD2”:

Finding the customer with an occupation or a gender of male:

Not Query:

Finding the customers who are not female:

Finding the customers who have an occupation:

My Queries:

My Reports:

When you have chosen the query and have entered the information you are looking for, to run the query you have to click an icon that looks similar to an explanation mark which is located on the top toolbar.


A database Switchboard is a unique type of Form that can be used to navigate around the various inputs or output documents generated by the database.

How to create a switchboard

The purpose of my switchboard is to make life easy for the employees or the receptionist that input new information like adding new customers, this switchboard will allow them to enter the new information without any hassle at all.

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