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As a daughter of the American Revolution, I believe dependability, service, leadership and patriotism are essential to being a good citizen. These words describe how it is important to focus on deeds that are larger than us. To me, there is more to life than worrying about how I look and how popular I am. These qualities reassure that I go out of my way for others who need it.

need it. Not everyone can stand up for themselves; I recognize when a situation is wrong and understand it is my duty to advocate for these people. By doing this, I put others before myself by demonstrating the care for others rather than what people think about me.

In my community, I have displayed a great amount of service. In school, I am a peer helper during my P.E. hour to help the kids with disabilities perform P.E. like any other high school student would. I also went to a prom for kids with disabilities at my church as a date/escort for one of the kids. Over the summer I worked as a respite worker for a week to help a young girl with Down syndrome at a church camp. Also, one of my favorite times of the year is when I get the opportunity to volunteer at the softball Special Olympics. Because a lot of these kids and adults do not have the ability to perform these tasks on their own, I become a dependent companion for them to lean on. I show my leadership by doing what is right if someone were to make fun of them, and treating them like I would treat a friend. This all wraps into the patriotism for our country. I do not do these actions to just call myself patriotic; I do it because I enjoy to and believe that it is my duty as a good citizen.

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