David’s Oath of the Horatii, Cezanne’s Life with Basket of Apples Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

These are all works of art finished during different parts of history with different styles and different forms. What makes them so famous up until today? What’s so unique about them?

In David’s Oath of the Horatii, you can observe that the background has very dull colors. The negative space isn’t bright to emphasize the foreground which would be the people. In my opinion, David wanted to show the people history. He wanted to depict Rome as he saw it. The positive space is very detailed and clear – from the shape of the swords, to the color of their robes, and the expression on their faces. David’s knowledge of human anatomy is so amazing that the objects look so real.

Unlike Cezanne’s Basket of Apples which was very rough. Cezanne’s painting was all over the place. What I mean is, he was using different views and planes. The table would be the best example. It seems like it defies peoples’ common sense with the table looking like it’ll fall of anytime together with the apples and wine bottle. The biscuits look like they were painted by viewing them from the side and the ones on top from the top.

Is it safe to say that depth in this painting is indescribable with objects being painted in different planes? Both paintings are similar in that they both use dull colors for their negative space to put emphasis on the foreground. Mondrian’s Composition just used the simple and primary colors for his painting. He used horizontal and vertical lines to resonate the flatness of the surface of the canvass. I think it is only in this painting that there is constant flatness.

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