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1. The subject of child day care is a controversial one. List different childcare options available to families. What form of childcare do you think will be the most beneficial for your family? Discuss the pros and cons of each option. There are three different options available for childcare; in-home childcare, day care centers and babysitters. With in-home child care, you hire a nanny to look after your children at home. For most families this is the easiest option for them however it is the most expensive. A day care center is an actual place parents bring their children to and it allows them to interact with other children and learn social skills. A downside to daycare centers is the risk of your child facing fights with other children. The final option listed involves hiring a babysitter. Babysitters are usually rotated and paid only when they watch the children opposed to a regular flow of income. You must be very careful when choosing a baby sitter, and be sure to run background checks. I personally believe that day care centers will be the most beneficial for me when I decide to start a family.

2. Consider your knowledge and experience about caring for children. What have you observed about the needs, behaviors, and abilities of children at different ages? How do you nurture different kinds of children at different stages of life? From personal experience, I’ve noticed that babies need far more supervision and care than toddlers or young children. When I babysit a baby, I have to feed it, change its diaper, keep it away from things that could be hazardous to its health as well as put it sleep most of the time. Caring for a toddler requires you to make sure they use the “potty”, make food for them and keep close supervision. With young children, you can let them be a bit more free but you must also keep an eye and them and keep them out of danger.

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