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I agree with the death penalty, but to make the debate I disagree with death penalty *reasons
1. Morality
Whether state and federal governments deserve to kill someone
2. Deterrence
People fear nothing more than death. / There is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than long terms of imprisonment.
3. Retribution
It is same with revenge
4. Mistakes
1 of 7 cases was wrong conviction.
5. Cost of Death Penalty
Too expensive – statistics
6. Who pays the penalty? Cost of death penalty –

1 so, we disagree with the death penalty.
2 hear is one story
3 his name is timothy evans

4 London. In January 1950, he was sentenced to death for murder of his wife and daughter. 5 he insisted that his neighbor, john Christie, killed them but it was not accepted and he died. 6 after his death, john Christie confessed that he committed murder. 7 after this accident, England abolished death penalty system. 8 like this, the first reason why we disagree with the death penalty is mistake. 9 on the one statistics, we found that 1 of 7 cases is wrong court decision. 10 the second reason is that death penalty can’t prevent a crime 11 the people who agree with death penalty believe that people fear death best. 12 but there is no credible evidence that the death penalty prevent crime more effectively than long terms of imprisonment. 13 the third reason is, we think death penalty is not different from revenge 14 the last reason is cost of death penalty

15 according to statistics, Maryland, for example, used $186 million for five executive. It is $71 million more than cost of non-death penalty cases. 16 and an analyst in California estimated that the state could save $130 million if they would abolish the death penalty. 17 with $130 million, we can give salary to 1,400 police officers and 1150 firefighters. 18 who pays? Us. Our tax. Our money

19 in the conclusion, we think the death penalty is not best way to punish for murder, rape, something like these. 20 even murder victim, opposes the death penalty.

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