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Decisions are something one has to make daily. They can range from simple decisions like what shirt to wear today to more complex ones like purchasing a home. The more routine decisions are fairly simple to make, but the more complex ones needs careful thinking and analyzing. Today “decision-making has become an integral part of organisational operations and managerial activities at every organisational level in order to achieve systematic decision-making practice leading to successful organisational results and outcomes” (Akdere, 2011). There are no guarantees what the right decisions are or their outcomes, but following the steps of The Decisions Making Process can help one to make the possible best decision.

The stages of decision making;
1.Identify the problem one is faced with.
2.After identifying the problem one should find alternative solutions to fix the problem.
3.Carefully evaluate the alternative solutions and their possible outcomes.
4.Choose the best solution that will produce to most positive outcome.
5. After making the choice one should implement and place the solution into effect.
6.When the solution is put into effect one should evaluate and measure the results.

A decision my family and I had to make was whether on not I should return back to university to further my education. After our youngest daughter started kindergarten I felt that I had some extra time to either start working part time or to continue studying. Continue studying was the best option as it will help in the future by increase my chanced for better employment with better financial benefits. After making the choice I then had to find the best solution for my needs, reviewing all the options of either going to university full time or doing online classes, which institute to choose and what degree to complete. We also had to consider the financial and time commitment associated with the choice. This completed the first three step of the decision making process. Identifying the problem it was not really a problem, but a decision that had to be made and then finding and evaluating the possible alternatives.

The Choice we made was to continue my education with UoP and completing a BSB degree in Global Management. This was the best option to give me the flexibility to care for children and to fulfill my educational goals. Next I had to implement the choice by enrolling to UoP and setup my start date. I am not able to implement the last step of evaluating to the decision yet as I am still in process of completing my degree, but the decision we made has fulfilled all our needs thus far.

The complex decisions managers have to make needs careful decision making because their decisions can have great impacts. “ Decision-making is an integral organizational process that impacts every level including, individual, group and organization”(Akdere, 2011). It can affect corporations either positively or negatively and manager one needs to have well-developed decision making skills. Not all decisions has predictable outcomes and one can only anticipate and prepare for the best outcome, but the decision making process can help to guide one to make effective decisions. “Without a well-defined process, you risk making decisions that are based on insufficient information and analysis. (“Mind Tools”, n.d.). Learning to make good decision can be beneficial and is good tool in most areas of life.

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