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It is important to understand what is known prior to making a decision, simply because you have a broader insight of the situation in question. Not only are you well informed you have first-hand knowledge and evidence that is necessary for proving your argument. In argument one Trainer or Cleaner this situation is a clear case of contradictory claims I’m referring to “Chris has his hands full and after months of pitching in”. Pitching in with whom? I read that Chris was a full time employee and before this gym opens Chris makes sure he cleans the equipment and the bathrooms for his clients and the clients that frequent the gym. At no time did it indicate there was hired staff for cleaning. In the decision making process by John, being the boss and having knowledge of Chris’s other duties meaning cleaning before and after his hired duties, the decision of John should be compensate Chris for his overall dedications to his gym. In Argument three we discuss buying a home versus renting an apartment and I recognize this as equivalent claims. A translation into standard form is the argument, however the claims are equivalent.

Discussing the advantages of home ownership as the argument does bring you to one consensus and that is buying is way more beneficial to us than being a renter. First and foremost homeowners are allowed to deduct mortgage interest from their income taxes. How beneficial is that? Second, a future sale of your property will definitely result in capital gains. Interest rates are at an all-time low and therefore speculate that this is the right time to purchase. Everything in this argument dictates the advantages of becoming or being a homeowner. The process of deductive reasoning aids in understanding an argument is by the way the argument is presented and the information gathered or offered to support the arguments. Our text chapter nine page 297 gives us examples of truth tables and truth functional symbols. For starters the word and can produce interesting results. In addition we could also consider argument to as a compound claim as we have read the reasons why buying a home can be more beneficial to us than becoming a renter of a house or apartment.

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